Director Concierge: Deaven Golding
Patient Age: 77
Admission Date: 4/20/21
Admitted From: Another nursing home
Discharge Date: Long term
Reason for Stay: Mr. Tidwell had sustained a fall previously and spent several nights in the hospital. He was admitted to Bethany for generalized weakness.
How did the patient hear about Bethany Center for Rehabilitation and Healing? Hospital caseworker

Details of Experience:
Mr. Tidwell had sustained a fall back in January, which left him with a fractured hip. At that time, he was living at another nursing facility. After his fall, he was admitted to Southern Hills Hospital; he was then admitted to Bethany in April for generalized weakness and for long-term care. 

When the patient arrived, the admissions team and Concierge greeted him and ensured he was settled into his room. The next day, OT and PT performed their initial evaluation on Mr. Tidwell. They determined he would need to participate in therapy 5x a week for one hour at a time. Therapy set short and long-term goals for Mr. Tidwell. Some of those goals included: patient will safely perform functional transfers with minimal assistance, the patient will increase the dynamic sitting balance to Fair x10 minutes, the patient will safely ambulate on level surfaces 15 feet, and the patient will demonstrate improved mobility independence as evidenced by improvement on PMS to 35/45. 

Mr. Tidwell’s baseline was taken on 4/21, and he was to meet his goals by 5/16. Therapy immediately started working with him on transfers to and from the bed from the wheelchair. By 4/26, he was able to transfer with modified assistance with one person. They continued to work on this skill daily. Before they knew it, he could transfer safely from bed to wheelchair and to the bathroom in under 5 minutes. Mr. Tidwell shared, “I feel safer after working with therapy on my transfers. I was always afraid I was going to fall.” 

Therapy shared that Mr. Tidwell had the tendency to lean to one side or the other when he was sitting up on the side of the bed. They worked with him to build his core strength to support his upper body enough to be able to sit on the side of the bed when needed. By 5/3, Mr. Tidwell was able to sit up and maintain his balance unsupported. Once Mr. Tidwell could transfer safely and increase his sitting balance, therapy moved on to ambulating on level surfaces. His baseline for ambulating started at five, and he just had to make it 15. He ambulates with a walker and a gait belt with the assistance of a therapist. By 5/3, he had already met his goal of ambulating 15 feet with minimal assistance! By 5/16, he was able to ambulate more than 30 feet. He was able to double his goal! 

Mr. Tidwell is doing well on all his other goals. He has met all of his initial goals and continues to do great in therapy as they set new goals for him. He is still receiving therapy 5x a week and is excelling. Mr. Tidwell shared with me, “I am so happy I came to Bethany to receive therapy. I am doing better than I ever expected!”