Concierge: Jean Marie Albert
Patient Age: 66
Admitted From: Skyline Medical Center
Admission Date: 5/28/21
Discharge Date: 6/14/21
Discharge Destination: Private Residence
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation
How patient heard about Creekside Center for Rehabilitation and Healing? Discharge Planner

Details of Experience:
An episode of unresponsiveness and subsequent fall caused Tandy D to be immediately hospitalized. A list of medical issues existed with pneumonia and infection of three toes that required amputations. This required the administration of IV antibiotics. A stress fracture to her opposite foot and an overall decline in function also contributed to suggested ongoing therapy and nursing care at a short-term rehabilitation center. The hospital staff offered a list of available options. After consideration, the patient agreed to transfer to Creekside Center for Rehabilitation and Healing. 

Upon arrival, Tandy was warmly greeted by members of the interdisciplinary team. They began creating a care and treatment plan by setting goals in accordance with her wishes to return home and be independent. This seemed like a long road since she required maximum assistance with activities of daily living. Poor standing balance was her greatest deficit, and walking was merely an aspiration. As a former paramedic with experience in the medical field, she admitted to having high standards for her care. 

Nevertheless, she declared how excellent the staff was. She looked forward to her therapy sessions. She said, “it was really challenging, but I like to be challenged.” Tandy also expressed how she enjoyed the daily conversations she had with so many “down-to-earth people.”  

Her weekly evaluation confirmed her satisfaction by rating all departments a “10” for being outstanding. She had made considerable progress in therapy. Her standing balance improved, and she was excited about her ability to walk and perform self-care tasks with minimal assistance. She had fun playing bingo and winning prizes between therapy sessions, catching up on her reading, getting her nails done, and socializing with other residents and staff. According to Tandy, the meals were “delicious.” Also, being served Starbucks coffee each morning and her concierge making sure she had her daily Coke were pleasant surprises.  

As her discharge date approached, she continued to get stronger, steadier on her feet, and more independent with self-care tasks than anticipated.  Upon admission, she achieved a 16 (severe impairment) on her physical mobility score. Before discharge, she met the goal of 32 (mild impairment). She appreciated her ability to go for long walks around the community, with modified independence for safety.  Her goal is to revisit as a volunteer. The Creekside Center team would like to commend Tandy for her hard work, determination, and cooperation with the staff to make this remarkable recovery possible.

It has been a joy to work with her! We wish her a life of continuous success!