Patient’s Age: 58 years old
Admission Date: 3/23/21
Admitted From: Skyline Medical Center, Nashville Tennessee
Discharge Date: 6/1/21
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 70 Days
Reason for Stay: Injury at C3 level of Cervical Spinal Cord, Quadriplegia

Details of experience:
Mr. Clifton Chapman arrived at Trevecca Center for Rehabilitation & Healing on March 23, 2021, after an extensive inpatient stays at Skyline Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee. Mr. Chapman had been admitted to the hospital due to a spinal cord injury following a fall from his 4-foot porch after an ice storm. The fall resulted in contusions of the cervical and thoracic spinal cord. He had recently undergone spinal fusion surgery however, due to the cervical and spinal contusions, he presented to Trevecca as an incomplete quadriplegic.  

Upon arrival at Trevecca, Mr. Chapman was evaluated by a dedicated medical team that included Sonda McEver, his Physical Therapist, and Sara Garner, the Occupational Therapist. Precautions were taken in establishing short-term goals for his cervical collar, his recent spinal fusion, and the high degree of risk of falling due to the new onset of reduced lower extremity weakness.

Initially, the team focused on providing therapy targeting short-term goals that increased his balance through static sitting exercises at the edge of his bed and increasing his bed mobility. He initially required 100% assistance from the therapist to adjust his position and sit on the edge of the bed.  Gradually his tolerance level increased, and he was able to hold his position for ten minutes.

Mr. Chapman executed transfers from the bed to his power chair using a slide board during the first month of therapy. Still, he quickly transferred into his chair without using a slide board through therapies such as the Omni Cycle and light weights to increase his upper and lower body strength.  Gradually, Mr. Chapman was able to safely perform bed mobility tasks with Modified Independence using side rails and without the necessity for verbal cues for safety measures. Throughout the first month of therapy, Mr. Chapman became power chair independent.

During the second month of therapy, Mr. Chapman experienced a slight setback due to a fall in his room, resulting in lower extremity weakness and buckling in his knees. However, his determination to regain the improvement he had recognized never wavered.  His therapist implemented the Scifit machine to assist him in stepping forward by increasing his leg strength without bearing weight on his feet of any kind.

As the third month of therapy approached, Mr. Chapman was provided an AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis) to prevent his foot from dropping as he attempted to bear weight and step forward. This additional tool improved his foot clearance with each step and provided stability, allowing him to ambulate further.  

On June 1, 2021, Mr. Chapman was able to discharge from Trevecca and return home.  Upon discharge, he was able to walk with a walker up to 65 feet! Mr. Chapman stated that the key to success with rehabilitation is “to pray up every day, humble yourself to be able to accept whatever the therapist tells you to do, and will your mind to keep pushing and NEVER give up!”

We wish Mr. Chapman the best of health and well-being on his continuing life journey.