Concierge Director: Jennifer Clayton 
Patient’s Age: 82 years old
Admission Date: 5/256/21
Discharge Date: 6/22/21
Discharged To: Home with family
Reason for Stay: Shortness of breath due to bilateral pneumonia, pleurisy, and left pleural effusion

Details of Experience:
Mr. Phillip Barnes was admitted into Manchester Center for Rehabilitation and Healing after being hospitalized for shortness of breath due to bilateral pneumonia, pleurisy, and left pleural effusion.  

Upon arrival at Manchester Center, Mr. Barnes was met by many of our team members: Rehabilitation Services, Social Services, Concierge, and many more. He was eager to begin his therapy, so he could return home to his wife and continue to work in his yard. 

When Mr. Barnes first came to  Manchester Center, he was weak, and his balance was off. He was oxygen-dependent and required contact guard assist (CGA) for bed mobility. He did transfer with minimal assistance. Mr. Barnes also had issues with climbing stairs. 

Within weeks of being at Manchester Center, his posture had improved, and he was independent with bed mobility and no longer dependent on oxygen. Mr. Barnes was happy with the care he received at Manchester Center. He returned home with his wife and continued therapy with home health. 

Manchester Center wishes you the best on the rest of your healing journey, Mr. Barnes!