Patient’s Age: 69 years old
Patient’s Name: Jackie P
Admission Date: 06/22/21
Admitted From: Centennial Medical Center
Discharge Date: Pending
Reason for Stay: Therapy after surgery on her left foot

Details of Experience:
Miss Jackie of Whites Creek, Tennessee, served as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant for 31 years. One morning, she noticed a black spot on her left foot. She went to see her doctor at Centennial Medical Center. He felt surgery was required to remove the spot. While she was in surgery, they found a blood clot in her foot. When she was recuperating in the hospital, the doctors said she should transition to a rehab center. 

Having been at Green Hills Center once before, after back surgery, Miss Jackie was certain where she wanted to go when she prepared to leave the hospital: “They asked me where I wanted to go, and I said ‘Green Hills Center.'” She said she likes the staff and has been really happy since being here.”

She arrived late one evening, got settled in her room, and began her therapy early the next morning, and she reiterates that she likes the staff. “I’m a people person—I get along with everyone.”
Miss Jackie’s therapy is going really well, and she is making substantial progress every day. “The OT and the PT are wonderful. Kris is a really good therapist,” she says. He says that she is walking a great deal and attributes her success to her personality—she’s really social.
Although the staff at Green Hills hasn’t given her a definite discharge date, Miss Jackie is certain it will be very soon. Her goal is to be able to return home and maintain her household. The staff at Green Hills Center wants to make sure she can perform all the duties of living at home before discharging her home permanently.
Miss Jackie has made a significant impact on the community and staff here at Green Hills Center for Rehabilitation and Healing, and the team hopes that she gets home safely and continues to heal and live life to the fullest!