Cardiovascular Orthopedic Rehabilitation Recovering from COVID and Pneumonia

Director of Concierge: Yaakov Goldstein
Patients Age: 78 years old
Admission Date: 4/8/21
Admitted From: Coney Island Hospital
Discharge Date: 7/2/21
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 12 Weeks
Reason for Stay: Was very weak
How did this patient hear about The Chateau at Brooklyn Rehabilitation & Nursing Center? social Worker at Coney Island Hospital recommendation

Details of experience: Mr. Ronald Chill was admitted to The Chateau at Brooklyn Rehabilitation Center on April 8, 2021, following a short stay in Coney Island Hospital. Before going to the hospital, Mr. Chill lived by himself and did not require any outside help. One day, in his apartment, he felt very weak getting out of bed. He felt like he was going to fall and hurt himself. He decided to go to the hospital and get himself checked out. The doctors told him that he should go to a rehabilitation facility for a short stay. After discussing with the social worker in the hospital and hearing all the amazing things about The Chateau, Mr. Chill chose to come to us.

Upon his arrival to our community, Mr. Chill was greeted by the administrator, concierge, and rehabilitation staff. Each member of the team explained how they would be able to help him reach his goal, which was to return home and be strong again. As soon as he got to his room, Mr. Chill was seen by the physical and occupational therapists so they could get to know him better. When the next day came, after a hot breakfast, the therapists came in to begin his rehabilitation. Knowing that Mr. Chill’s goal was to return home and do everything he was able to do before. The therapists designed the rehab plan around that. They began working on regaining the strength in his legs to enable his ability to walk. Every day, Mr. Chill would talk about how much stronger he felt after his therapy sessions.

After a few weeks, Mr. Chill could be seen roaming the halls without using a walker. He was gaining confidence in himself, and he was physically able to do more things independently. Mr. Chill spoke about how caring, compassionate, and comfortable he was working with the therapists. He said, “The staff here are like family, constantly pushing me and helping me reach my goal.”

After a few weeks of getting stronger, a discharge date of July 2, 2021, was set. Mr. Chill was very thankful for everything we did.

The Chateau wishes him the best and is honored to have helped another amazing man make his wishes of independent living come true!!