Director Concierge: Deaven Golding
Patient Age: 74
Admission Date: 7/22/2021
Admitted From: Centennial Medical Center
D/C Date: 8/18/2021
D/C Location: Home
Reason for Stay: Nancy was admitted with bilateral leg pain.
How did this patient hear about Bethany Center for Rehabilitation and Healing? She has been a patient at Bethany Center in the past.

Details of Experience:
Nancy was admitted to Bethany after an eleven-night stay at Centennial Medical Center. She presented to the hospital with complaints of bilateral leg pain. She stated, “when I arrived, my leg pain was a 10/10”. They completed their evaluations after she was admitted, which showed she was tachycardic with an elevated respiratory rate. Nancy was started on IV fluids and kept in the hospital to manage the pain and run further testing. She was recommended for therapy and admitted to Bethany on 7/22.

Upon admission, she was greeted by our admissions team and her nursing staff. After settling in her room, the Concierge met Nancy to present the welcome bag and complete the initial evaluation. Our highly-trained therapy team then met with Nancy, completed their initial evaluation, and set some short and long-term goals for her. The therapists knew she would benefit from PT, OT, and ST. Prior to being admitted to the Hospital, Nancy was fairly independent and enjoyed spending time with loved ones and sitting outside. Her goal for herself was to “be able to go home and be safe and not have any more pain.”

Nancy was ready and excited to start her therapy journey. She participated in therapy five times a week for four weeks for one hour a day. Some of her goals included safe bed mobility tasks, ambulating on level surfaces, and performing safe, functional transfers. When she first started her therapy journey, she could ambulate 15 feet without stopping, still needing maximum assistance to perform safe, functional transfers.

Over the next few weeks, Nancy continued to work hard and push through every therapy session, continuing to get stronger and stronger each day. By 8/17, she had met all of her goals and was able to ambulate over 100 feet!

Upon discharge, the Director of Concierge Services met with Nancy to discuss her stay at Bethany Center. Nancy shared, “I was scared coming here, but everyone is so nice, and the therapy team really took care of me. I am ready to be home and independent again”.

We prepared Nancy for discharge by packing up all of her equipment and belongings, and we wish her the best of luck!