Concierge Director: Daniel Mayer
Age: 74 years old
Admission Date: 7/16/21
Admitted From: North Shore Manhasset
Discharge Date: 8/19/21
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 33 days
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation
How did this patient hear about Glengariff Rehabilitation & Nursing Center? From her family while at hospital.

Details of Experience:
Mrs. Alesia Nadler was admitted to the Glengariff Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center on July 16th, 2021. Before being admitted to Glengariff, she was admitted to the North Shore University Hospital because she could not walk, having experienced multiple falls, decreased strength, and functional mobility. At the rehab service at the hospital, they recommended subacute, short-term rehabilitation. The staff informed Mrs. Nadler about Glengariff and our reputation for rehabilitation. Due to Covid-19, no tour was feasible, but the family chose our community, and arrangements were made to transfer Alesia to Glengariff.

When Alesia arrived at Glengariff, her family was concerned about her lack of balance, mobility, and strength. She was concerned about her ability to manage due to decreased expressive language. Alesia could not walk by herself, and she did not know if she would be able to do so for more than five steps. She attempted it and was able to walk 20 feet with an assistive Rollator device. She exhibited reduced quad strength and weak trunk and hip extensors. She complained of pain and strain in her right and left hamstrings, hampering her ability to ambulate and pivot safely. This created additional experiences of anxiety. Activities in the bathroom involved total dependence on the staff. Shortly after her arrival, Alesia started to make strides, both figuratively and literally. Her strength improved, and her steps increased, from 10 steps with substantial assistance to 60 feet in less than two weeks! As the therapy continued, Alesia’s goals were reset again, establishing new benchmarks for her to achieve.

With the staff coming to provide both intensive physical therapy and the Concierge team keeping Alesia connected to her care and treatment through extensive use of pen and paper, she grew stronger with each passing day. She was so relieved by the clinical and emotional support, which helped her feel calm. She could now focus on getting better and improving her techniques at maneuvering, sitting up in bed, toileting and bathing. Of particular value was the time people took to discover her needs, even when presented in the unconventional medium of the written form.

After a few weeks of participating in rigorous rehabilitation therapy, Alesia was able to get out of bed on her own with only minimal cues of supervision, and she was improving in performing the basic activities of daily living. Her progress was rapid and encouraging. She could not climb any stairs when she was admitted and was at high risk for falls. But within weeks of her stay, Alesia was mounting and descending three stairs at a clip and walking 125 feet unassisted!! There was supervision but no actual physical help.

When Alesia was wheeled out on the day of her discharge, she effortlessly rose out of her wheelchair and strode over to her daughter’s car. As we spoke in the lobby before she left, she confessed a worry about handling her new independence. I reminded her that she was just as dubious about her ability to walk and stand when she first arrived at Glengariff. But just as sure as she had made incredible strides in our community, she would go on to thrive in her new reality.

Throughout her stay, until her departure a little more than a month later, Alesia was pleased with our staff and how they took care of her. She described them as “kind and compassionate.” Gone was the apprehension of being able to manage in her apartment living alone. At the point of her discharge on August 19th, 2021, Alesia climbed five steps with only modest assistance and could travel “unlimited distances” continuously without breaks, and could turn in place successfully over 80% of the time. “Had she come home immediately after acute rehabilitation, a fall would have been very likely,” her daughter said. Instead, when she arrived at her home, she was at the entrance and able to stride in unassisted because of the care and commitment of the team

Another success story of hard work and dedication was created from the bond between patient and care team at Glengariff.