Concierge: Dimitry Schwartz
Patient’s Age: 40-years-old
Initial Admission Date: 4/23/2021
Admitted From: Stony Brook Hospital
Therapy Discharge Date: 9/06/2021
Reason for Stay: Chronic Respiratory Failure, Severe Morbid Obesity, Hypertension, Diabetes. 

Details of Experience:
Derry was living with his brother before being hospitalized. He began to experience continuous shortness of breath at home and decided to check himself into Stony Brook ER. He was quickly assessed, and it was determined that his situation was rather difficult. Derry was placed into an induced coma for a month and required over three months of acute care. When Derry was ready to be discharged from the hospital, he needed additional subacute care. He discussed his options with case management and decided on the Hamlet Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center.

Derry was greeted on arrival by Hamlet’s amazing interdisciplinary team, including the nursing team, social work, reception, and others. Derry’s positive attitude was infectious. Derry was determined to improve. He arrived with a lot of medical complexities, including a tracheostomy collar (a mechanism to provide optimal oxygen airflow). He also had left-side weakness and an inability to walk. Derry’s medical case was also compounded by his weight status, as he was morbidly obese. Needless to say, Derry and Hamlet had work to do.

The dietary, nursing, and rehab team got to work at a fast pace on Derry’s medical, nutritional and rehabilitative therapy. Hamlet’s dietitian began to work with Derry on weight management strategies and personalized therapeutic diets that would promote weight loss. Derry was provided nutrition education and guidance on how to keep his weight down when he left the community. The rehab focused on many aspects of improvement for Derry, including improved bed mobility, transferring out of various places, including beds, cars, etc., all while maintaining optimal oxygen levels. Ambulation on uneven and even surfaces. Something to note of significant improvement in ambulation. Derry’s ability to ambulate on admission was 0 feet. After the conclusion of rehab therapy, Derry was able to ambulate over 200 feet independently. That is amazing!

Derry’s progress and improvements were his daily drivers. His round-the-clock positive attitude contributed greatly to his improvement. Derry is stronger, lighter, and has had a few new friends since he came to the Hamlet. He is excited about his future and is looking forward to resuming his life of independence and better health

The Hamlet team is thrilled with all of your success Derry, and I hope you only continue to grow, improve and be healthy!