Concierge: Deaven Golding Patient Name: Joan Patient Age: 82 Admission Date: 10/4/2021 Admitted From: Stonecrest Medical Center Discharge Date: 10/21/2021 Discharged To: Home Reason for stay: She had a fall while at home and was admitted to the hospital to find further complications. How did this patient hear about Bethany Center for Rehabilitation and Healing? Our marketer visited her in the hospital, and the patient chose Bethany as her number one choice.

Details of Experience: Joan had a dizzy feeling in her head as she was walking outside. The next thing she knew, she was on the ground, and she had fallen in her driveway. She arrived at Stonecrest Medical Center via EMS and complained of right leg pain. They admitted her to the hospital, where she spent the next ten nights. During her stay at the hospital, they examined her right leg and noticed it was shortened with external rotation, which means she had a hip fracture in the right hip. Her doctor discussed options with her about surgery, and she decided that was the best option. Joan underwent surgery on 9/24/2021. After the surgery, she was found to have a UTI and placed on an IV for 7 days. Upon admission to Bethany Center, Joan was greeted by the Admissions Team and the Director of Concierge Services. Together they worked and made sure she was settled into her room, her vitals were taken, and the concierge administered her admission evaluation. The following day, our highly trained therapist team came in to greet Joan and acquire her baseline so that they could set therapy goals. They determined she would participate in therapy 5x a week for four weeks. Joan shared her goal was “to return home and be able to walk again.” Some of the goals therapy set for Joan included: performing transfers safely, ambulating on a level surface at least 50 feet, and performing activities of daily living with minimal assistance. Right off the bat, Joan was able to ambulate 15 feet with a walker and some assistance. Joan continued to push through her therapy sessions and get stronger and better every day! Just seven short days after her admission, she was able to ambulate up to 30 feet with her walker. Joan stated, “she was feeling better than she had in over a month!” By 10/19, she had exceeded all goals in therapy! Therapy and Social Services decided she was ready to go home based on her progress with therapy. Nearing her discharge date, the concierge met with Joan to discuss her stay at Bethany Center. She shared, “Everyone was so nice, and I enjoyed my therapists. They made recovering so much fun.” We wish Joan the best as she returns home and gets back to doing her favorite things!