Concierge: Dimitry Schwartz
Patient’s Age:
75 years old
Initial Admission Date:
Admitted From:
St. Catherine Medical Center
Therapy Discharge Date:
Reason for Stay:
Abscess at the L3-L4 location of the spine, which caused lower extremity weakness and difficulty ambulating, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, hypertension.

Details of Experience:

Mr. Davis experienced weakness in his lower extremities and consequently had difficulty walking. He then went to the hospital to get help with his condition. It was discovered that he developed a cyst or abscess on his spine, which required surgery. A laminectomy was performed. After the surgery, it was recommended that Mr. Davis continue his rehabilitation process at a sub-acute center. Mr. Davis and the hospital discharge team chose to transfer to The Hamlet for his short-term rehabilitation.

When Mr. Davis arrived at The Hamlet, he was welcomed by the wonderful interdisciplinary team of nurses, therapists, social workers, and others. He began his therapy with urgency to get better and improve. Upon admission, Mr. Davis was fully dependent on many therapy activities, including rolling from bedside to side, getting up out of bed, and toileting. He required much assistance with standing up, performing self-grooming tasks, and hygiene. Mr. Davis also required assistance with transferring into a car and ambulation. His ability to walk was limited to five feet or less.

Mr. Davis mentioned that he enjoyed working with our wonderful therapy staff and mentioned a few people in particular who took good care of him. In his review on google, he commented that “physical therapy was consistently good at balancing encouragement with urgency to continue to work hard.” At the end of Mr. Davis’s stay, he progressed well enough to no longer be dependent on assistance with walking, grooming, activities of daily living, and he was able to ambulate unlimited distances compared to just five feet when he first started rehab.

One never knows where life will take them…sometimes, you develop an issue with your spine, need surgery, and then need help to recover. We are extremely honored that Mr. Davis chose The Hamlet to recover and regain his strength.

Thank you for choosing us on your recovery path.