Patient Age: 63 years old
Admission Date: 08/17/2021
Admitted From: NY Methodist Hospital
Discharge Date: 10/12/2021
Length of Stay: 65 Days
Reason for Stay: Aftercare following a right hip injury.
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Details of Experience:

Mr. Willis was admitted to The Phoenix Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on August 17th, 2021, from NY Methodist Hospital. Mr. Willis was admitted with the diagnosis of difficulty walking, lower extremity weakness, and impaired balance. Upon arrival, Mr. Willis was welcomed by the wonderful nursing department and the concierge team. Upon the first 24 hours of his stay, Mr. Willis was very pleased with the Quality of care that has been provided thus far, he shared the food was the best, and the room was very comfortable. He shared that he is a well-known native singer, dancer, artist, and speaker under the name of George Stonefish. He hoped to have a successful recovery so that he would be able to return to the community and continue doing what he loved.

During the first month in The Phoenix, Mr. Willis was dependent on the staff to assist in his daily care. It was challenging to ambulate and stand as he began rehabilitation therapy and had difficulties completing hygiene and grooming tasks. Mr. Willis’s goal was to increase the dynamic standing balance to improve the ability to perform ADLs and improve the ability to ambulate on level surfaces 200 feet safely.

Mr. Willis really enjoyed his day-to-day stay, getting to know the nursing staff and the concierge team. He was very motivated in getting back on his feet and looked forward to completing his daily therapy. He shared that it made him feel good, and he was only steps away from being independent again.

Throughout the duration of Mr. During Willis’ stay, he began to improve a lot with his therapy sessions. On a day-to-day basis, he shared with the concierge team his achievements of being able to ambulate in his wheelchair and being able to explore the building on his own without assistance. He also shared that he went from being dependent to one person assisting in daily care and only supervised help. He enjoyed visiting our recreation staff to converse with both staff and other patients.

During the last week of Mr. Willis’s stay, he felt a bit bittersweet about leaving because he stated, “it was a wonderful experience at The Phoenix.” Also, he was still amazed about the Quality of the food, as it was a big building. Mr. Willis can now maintain standing balances without support against min resistance, as previously when he arrived, he was unable to weight shift and is now able to ambulate 175 feet. His original baseline was 15 feet. As for Occupational Therapy, Mr. Willis has reached the maximum potential and is now able to perform ADL functions of day-to-day self-care. Mr. Willis’s personal social worker was able to connect him with the transportation services he needed to assist in the discharge process. Therapy services provided him with supplies needed at home for further assistance.

On October 12th, 2021, Mr. Willis was discharged to his home with support from his family, and he will be receiving home care services to improve balance and stability further. Mr. Willis is now able to ambulate with or without a cane with little to no assistance. After discharge, the concierge team reached out to Mr. Willis for a brief update, and he stated everything was coming along smoothly. He thanked The Phoenix for helping him to become independent again.

We wished Mr. Willis all the best in his life’s journey.