Concierge Director: Shannon Oakley
Patient Age: 90 years old
Admission Date: 10/28/2021
Discharge Date: 11/23/2021
Discharged To: Assisted Living
Length of Stay: 26 days
Reason for Stay: Falls and Respiratory distress
How did this patient hear about the community? The hospital referred the resident to us.

Details of Experience:

In October, Ms. Wells came to us after multiple falls and frequent respiratory issues. When coming into our community, it was very apparent that although Ms. Wells had to overcome a setback due to health complications, she had a positive attitude and was a delight to meet. She was ready to work with the nursing team and therapy to get back to her max potential.

Upon admission, she was unable to get around without a wheelchair. She also required mod assistance with upper body dressing and max assistance with lower body dressing. These, along with other daily tasks, such as toileting, which also needed max assistance, made it impossible for Ms. Wells to go to her assisted living.

These were only a few of Ms. Wells’ setbacks, as she also came into our community with serious respiratory issues. This made it hard for Ms. Wells to accomplish many of the daily tasks she once conquered with little to no assistance prior to her hospitalization.

Keeping all this information in mind, our therapy and nursing team came up with a plan of care that would allow Ms. Wells to get back to her max potential and discharge her to the assisted living facility. Upon discharge, Ms. Wells was able to perform upper body dressing independently and lower body dressing when she sat up with adaptive equipment and toileting with SUP. She was also able to maintain an O2 of >92% on room air without ADL tasks.

After 26 days at Lebanon Center, Ms. Wells was discharged to assisted living. She was able to walk with a rollator, which was a significant improvement since she was admitted into our community requiring a wheelchair.

She indeed was a joy to meet, and we wish her all the best.