Concierge Director: Jennifer Clayton
Patient Age: 21
Admission Date: 10/04/21
Admitted from: Vanderbilt Medical Center Nashville TN.
Discharged to: Home with Family
Length of Stay: 77 days
Reason for stay: MVA Motor vehicle accident recovering from Traumatic Brain Injury, Pelvis Fracture, Rib Fracture, Pulmonary Contusions, and other complications from the accident.
How did the patient hear about the community? Vanderbilt Hospital referred her.

Details of Experience:

Mr. Ortiz arrived at Manchester Center after a lengthy stay at Vanderbilt Medical Center due to being a passenger in a motor vehicle where he sustained numerous injuries. Upon his arrival, Mr. Ortiz didn’t know what to expect after all he had been through. Mr. Ortiz was met by many of our team members, Admissions, Social Services, Concierge, and many more.

When our therapy team evaluated Mr. Ortiz, they knew he was in a delicate situation with sustaining injuries to his spine, had a broken pelvis, multiple fractures, wore a cervical collar, and was non-weight bearing on his legs. Mr. Ortiz was dependent on all his ADLs and mobility.

Our therapy team provided training for compensatory techniques at first since he couldn’t use his legs. While at Manchester Center, Mr. Ortiz received OT, PT, ST. Mr. Ortiz had many obstacles to overcome but made strides daily to get better. Once medically released to stand, the therapy trained Mr. Ortiz to walk again.

Within weeks of standing, Mr. Ortiz was able to walk again, regain strength and do all his self-care. Mr. Ortiz is now transitioning back into the community with the support of his family.

Mr. Ortiz, Manchester Center wishes you a happy and healthy future!!