Concerige: Melissa Peterkin
Patient Age: 35
Admission Date: 07/26/21
Admitted From: Jacobi Hospital
Discharge Date: 10/28/21
Length of Stay: 67 Days
Reason for Stay: Wound healing and improvement in overall strength, ADLs, and functional capacity to be able to benefit from prosthesis once appropriate.
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Details of Experience:

Mr. Tompkins was admitted to The Phoenix Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on July 26th, 2021, from Jacobi Medical Center. Mr. Tompkins was admitted with the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus and multiple toe amputations. Upon arrival, Mr. Tompkins was welcomed by the wonderful nursing department and the concierge team. He shared with the concierge team that he felt unmotivated and slightly depressed because of being a new amputee, but he did have high hopes and always kept a positive attitude in getting back on his feet to transition back into his typical day to day life.

During the first month in the Phoenix, Mr. Tompkins was unfamiliar with requesting help when needed and always tried his best to do things independently in the first few weeks of his stay. As he got familiar with the staff being very professional and caring, he then was okay with reaching out for assistance when needed. As Mr. Tompkins began rehabilitation therapy, it was challenging to ambulate and stand, and he had difficulties completing hygiene and grooming tasks. Mr. Tompkins’ goal was to increase the dynamic standing balance to improve the ability to perform ADLs and improve the ability to safely ambulate on level surfaces 200 feet with the help of prosthetics and climb at least three flights of stairs.

Mr. Tompkins really enjoyed his day-to-day stay and looked forward to heading down to the gym for his physical therapy. Mr. Tompkins went from being slightly overwhelmed by his condition to bonding well with the staff and being motivated to continue his journey. Throughout the duration of Mr. Tompkins’ stay, he noticed a significant improvement in his therapy sessions. He shared with the concierge team that the staff played a big part in his rehab process, helping him get closer to his goals with the help of boosting words and encouragement. As time went by, Mr. Tompkins went from being a one-person assist to being fully independent, transferring from bed to wheelchair with no supervision, and the same for his daily care. Mr. Tompkins can now maintain standing balances without support against min resistance as previously when he was unable to ambulate without pain and is now able to ambulate 165 feet. When he arrived, he was only able to maintain a baseline of 13 feet and now able to ambulate pain-free with a prosthetic in confidence. As for Occupational Therapy, Mr. Tompkins has reached the maximum potential and can now perform ADL functions of day-to-day self-care and climb a maximum of 3 flights of stairs.

During the last week of Mr. Tompkins’s stay, he was feeling down because he shared that it was a fantastic experience, and he made a lot of bonds with the staff throughout the whole building. He also shared that he would love to return to The Phoenix as a volunteer to help boost other patients’ confidence after undergoing such a significant change and provide companionship to the patients. On October 28th, 2021, Mr. Tompkins was discharged to his home with much support from his family. He will be receiving home care services to improve balance and stability further. Mr. Tompkins can now ambulate with minimal help of a cane and pain-free ambulation. After discharge, the concierge team reached out to Mr. Tompkins for a brief update. He wished everyone well at The Phoenix and stated that his rehabilitation journey has helped him become independent again.

We wished him well in his life’s journey, and he still reaches out to the team to check in from time to time.