Concierge: L Khalil Alexander
Patient’s Name: Marilyn Leo
Patient’s Age: 72
Admission Date: 2/17/2022
Admitted From: Morristown Memorial Hospital
Discharge Date: 3/15/2022
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 27 Days
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation for repeated falls
How did this patient hear about Chatham Hills? The patient was referred to Chatham Hills by the Case management team at Morristown Memorial Hospital

Details of Experience:

Marilyn Leo presented at the emergency room at Morristown Memorial Hospital with severe hip pain after falling in her home. After being admitted to the hospital, X-rays were done, and although the X-rays revealed that she had a fractured hip, she did not require surgery. Prior to discharge from the hospital, Ms. Leo and her family were provided with a list of subacute facilities where she could continue her recovery journey. Her daughter completed research on the listed facilities. She reviewed the Chatham Hills community website and immediately reached out to the admission director for an in-person tour of the community. She also enjoyed reading through the Google reviews and the case studies from previous residents. The daughter stated after reading google reviews and case studies, she knew Chatham Hills was the place for Mom.

Ms. Leo was admitted to Chatham Hills on February 17, 2022. She needed maximum assistance for all ADLs-(Activities of Daily Living). When she arrived, Marilyn could not stand and required increased assistance for functional mobility. Her strength and stamina had weakened, and she had depleted the range of motion in her leg. Throughout her stay at Chatham Hills, her therapist, Leslie Lykes, worked with Marilyn on therapeutic resistance exercises, including weights and lower leg exercises. Soon, Marilyn progressed from sitting to standing. They also trained her on correct hand/foot placement during gait training, emphasizing negotiating obstacles, increasing safety and performance within the facility, and increasing safety while getting to/from the restroom. They also worked with Marilyn on transfer training to increase safe and functional independence. Upon arrival, Ms. Marilyn’s ambulation distance was minimal. After participating in therapy five days a week over four weeks, Marilyn could ambulate about 200 feet with a rolling walker.

Marilyn was discharged on March 17, 2022. She returned home, and Social Services assisted with the placement of a home health aide, with services six days a week. Her daughter has been her biggest cheerleader and encouraged her to get back on her feet. As Marilyn shared, “You guys have an amazing gym, and it makes you want to get back to where you belong. I feel very confident about going back home. Thanks to your amazing Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy team. They are very efficient with what I need to get back home.”

Ms. Marilyn was independent before her accident, and her wish when she first arrived at Chatham Hills was to be able to get back her independence.

With hard work and determination, the team at Chatham Hills is happy to congratulate her on being able to return home and wish her all the best!