Concierge: Tiffany Colon
Patient Name: Monks, Lawrence
Patient Age: 74
Admissions Date: 1/10/2022
Admitted from: Stony Brook Hospital
Discharge Date: 3/3/2022
Length of Stay: 52 Days
Reason for Stay: Cerebral Infarction
How did this patient hear about The Hamlet? Social Worker at Stony Brook Hospital

Details of Experience:

On 1/10/2022, Lawrence was admitted to Stony Brook Hospital with an admitting diagnosis of Cerebral Infarction following Hemiplegia and Hemiparesis, affecting the dominant right side, which has caused weakness. This left Lawrence with difficulty walking. He came to our community for rehabilitation to gain strength to get back home with his loving wife. The social worker at Stony Brook Hospital recommended our community, and his daughter and wife heard good things.

Upon arrival, Lawrence was greeted by Hamlet’s interdisciplinary team, including Nursing, Concierge, Social Work, Recreation, and Rehabilitation. Lawrence was evaluated by Monica, Physical Therapist, and Melissa, Occupational Therapist. He required rehabilitation services to increase functional activity tolerance, functional transfer/mobility, improve dynamic balance, and increase coordination. Upon evaluation, Lawrence was total dependence on all Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

Lawrence worked extremely hard with our rehabilitation team. His baseline goals were met after six weeks, where he progressed from total dependence to moderate assistance. He performed self-feeding tasks, completed personal hygiene and grooming tasks while sitting in front of a mirror, executed upper body dressing, and increased his ability to propel himself in a wheelchair with Occupational Therapy safely. He increased his ambulation distance from 5 feet to 75 feet with perseverance. His long-term goals were set, including an ambulation distance of 100 feet and contact guard assist.

Lawrence achieved his goals after six weeks of rehabilitation services. He was discharged with a distance level of 100 feet, self-propelled in a wheelchair 150 feet supervised, performed self-feeding tasks independently, upper body dressing independently with set-up, and personal hygiene. Our Social Worker assisted with Lawrence discharging back home with his wife. Lawrence was extremely grateful to the entire team at The Hamlet for creating a supportive and uplifting environment for him.

The team at The Hamlet wishes Lawrence much success in his continued health care journey.