Concierge: Melissa Peterkin
Patient Age: 59
Admission Date: 11/19/2021
Admitted from: Wyckoff Heights Medical Center
Discharge date: 3/11/2022
Length of stay: 3 months and 22 days
Reason for stay: Post-op physical therapy and rehab
How did this patient hear about The Phoenix Rehabilitation & Nursing Center? Phoenix marketer

Details of Experience:

Ms. Felicia Crockett is an outgoing 59-year-old woman who was admitted to The Phoenix Rehabilitation & Nursing Center from Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in mid-November. Ms. Crockett was admitted to the hospital after having a fall using her rolling walker in her home, which resulted in extensive ankle pain, limiting her ambulation. During the discharge process from the hospital, Ms. Crockett was visited by our beloved marketer, who works very closely with the patients. Our marketer shared a list of rehab facilities with Ms. Crockett, and she was very pleased with what we had to offer. She selected The Phoenix to further her rehab journey and return to having pain-free ambulation with minimal to no assistance.

Within the first 24 hours of arrival at The Phoenix, Ms. Crockett was greeted by our staff members from each department, including Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Social Work, etc.
Felicia was adjusting quickly within The Phoenix, and she created a bond with the staff assigned to her floor and looked forward to her therapy sessions with Mark. The Therapy team and Felicia worked side by side to develop a feasible therapy plan that would allow her to meet her desired goals for pain-free ambulation. Ms. Crockett arrived at The Phoenix requiring extensive assistance with several ADLs and mobile functions tasks and having difficulties using her walker.

During the first week of her stay, Ms. Crockett made some progress and slowly began getting to know the staff and other patients on the floor, which increased her support system and advocated all the time for her fellow floormates. Ms. Crockett struggled a bit during the first month, getting used to therapy and being motivated to complete her day-to-day therapy. As the weeks went by, she became very comfortable with the staff throughout the building, and with the help of our team, she was able to gain motivation to improve in her physical therapy sessions. Ms. Crockett made significant progress with improving her balance using her walker and from being extensive assistance to a one-person assist in activities of daily living (ADL) functions.

During the last month of her stay, Ms. Crockett made many improvements in her ambulation. The patient was almost entirely dependent on now being able to have pain-free ambulation of more than 150 feet, which exceeded her baseline, from being dependent with her ADLs and self-care to now being independent.

As of Mid- February, based on her significant progress, the staff started a discharge plan so that Ms. Crockett would be able to return safely back into the community. Ms. Crockett was discharged on March 11, 2022, and The Phoenix team wished her well in her transition, and she was greatly appreciative of all the help given.

The Phoenix Rehabilitation sends the best of wishes to Ms. Crockett and her life journeys!