Concierge: Lori Edwards
Patient Name: Linda Thomas
Patient Age: 73
Admitted From: Skyline Medical Center
Length of Stay: 105 days and counting
Reason for Stay: Septic arthritis of the right knee
How did this patient hear about Gallatin Center? A family member works in the community; the family wanted her to stay with us.

Details of Experience:

Ms. Linda was admitted to Gallatin Center with multiple health issues. Before going to the hospital, she said she had a lot of trouble with her legs and back. Her son called the ambulance, and she was transported to Skyline Medical Center. Ms. Linda required surgical intervention due to an infection in her lower limb. During her stay at Skyline, a neurosurgical intervention was performed, which consisted of drainage of the infection in her right knee.

Upon admission to Gallatin Center, the patient had a urinary tract infection and a staph infection, for which she was on a heavy dose of IV antibiotics. She was also a full body lift and in extreme pain. The patient indicated that she was not alert/aware of her surroundings when she arrived at Gallatin. Our nursing team greeted Ms. Linda, and she was evaluated by our excellent therapy staff soon after. In the beginning, she was unable to perform her ADLs (activities of daily living).

Her goals include balance, bathing, bed mobility, dressing, endurance, gait/WC propulsion, safety, strength, transfer sit to stand, and eventually ambulation, and discharging to home with her family. There have been many positive gains with her therapy. She can now transfer with a contact guard. Ms. Linda still needs moderate assistance with toileting. She is also able to walk short distances with a rolling walker. I have gotten to know Ms. Linda and watched her steadily progress. She will tell you she’s never met a stranger. She has a very sweet disposition, and I definitely enjoy visiting with her! When not in therapy sessions, Ms. Linda enjoys multiple puzzle books and doing crochet. I am tickled to hear her share her progress and discuss her goals.

She is hoping to discharge by July 4. It has been a long hard road, and she will tell you that her right leg has been the biggest challenge in her rehabilitation. When I spoke to her last week, she reported she was
doing really well. “I’ve been walking a little bit every day for the last couple of weeks, getting better and stronger.”

Until Ms. Linda is ready to return home, we will keep her on track and take great care of her.