Director Concierge: Jordan Soban
Patient age: 61 years
Admission date: 09/10/2021, 02/18/2022, 06/09/2022
Admitted from: NYU Langone Long Island
Discharge Date: 10/25/2021, 05/03/2022
Length of stay: 45 days, 74 days
Reason for stay: Right knee replacement, left knee replacement, and IV antibiotics
How did this patient hear about The Grand Pavilion? Hospital Social Worker

Details of Experience:

Mr. Robert Bamberger is a full-of-life 61-year-old man who was first admitted to The Grand Pavilion for Rehabilitation and Nursing at the beginning of September 2021 from NYU Langone-Long Island Hospital. Mr. Bamberger was admitted to The Grand Pavilion for the first time after receiving a right knee replacement. Upon discharge from the hospital, Mr. Bamberger selected The Grand Pavilion to get him back on his feet so that he could return home to Island Assisted Living.

After regaining the strength to ambulate utilizing a rolling walker, Robert returned home in October, spending about 6 weeks building up strength. During his time at The Grand Pavilion, Robert developed a close friendship with his roommate Michael, with whom he still connects.

Four months after leaving The Grand Pavilion, Robert decided to undergo his second knee replacement surgery, this time for the left knee. Upon readmission, Robert happily shared that when his hospital social worker asked for a list of 3 possible rehab centers, the only one on his list was The Grand Pavilion. During Robert’s second stay at The Grand Pavilion, he resided in the 2W unit, where he developed close friendships with a number of patients on the floor. Robert was also a heavy participant in The Grand Pavilion’s recreational activities, from painting classes to cooking classes. At the time of his discharge, Robert was walking comfortably using a rolling walker.

About a month after his discharge, Robert returned to The Grand Pavilion, this time to receive IV antibiotics. At the time of his readmission, Robert shared that while he was disappointed by the setback in his health, he once again knew that the only place he wanted to go was The Grand Pavilion. Robert was able to return to his old room on the 2W unit and was happy to find that a few of his friends were still there as well. Robert has happily readjusted to life on 2W and is enjoying recreational activities again as he waits to finish his course of IV antibiotics.

We here at The Grand Pavilion work hard to ensure that our patients know that we are always here for them, should they ever need our services again. Patients like Robert show us that this message is known to our patients.

The staff at The Grand Pavilion enjoy their time with Robert and wish him a happy and healthy remainder of 2022 when he returns home.