Concierge: Dominick DiLieto
Patient Age: 86
Admission Date: August 27th, 2022
Admitted From: Putnam Hospital
Discharge Date: 10/7/22
Discharged To: Own Home
Length of Stay: 41 Days
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation of fractured hip
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Details of Experience:

On August 27th, Mrs. Edith Boucher fell down two stairs after her electric chair lift failed to make it completely down the flight of stairs in her house. Thankfully, she had her friends with her as they were on their way to dinner. As a result, Mrs. Boucher fractured her left hip, leading to her inability to hold her weight or transfer herself without assistance. Even worse, Mrs. Boucher never got her dinner that night, a point she said she would never forget. She received surgery to repair the fractured hip and now requires inpatient rehabilitation to return to enjoying dinners with friends as quickly as possible.

Just a few days after her surgery, Mrs. Boucher was transferred to The Paramount at Somers, where she would join our Essex short-term unit. She began rehabilitation within 24 hours of her arrival, focusing on ambulation and weight bearing. When admitted, Edith needed maximum assistance. However, she was always ready to work. Her therapists, Katie and Tom, spoke of her ambition and drove to get better, saying, “she was always ready at the top of each morning to get going on her rehabilitation.” Mrs. Boucher can now ambulate independently and walk up to over 100 feet using a walker or railing. She also has no trouble ambulating around her room with minimal assistance from walkers, railings, etc.

What also helped her in her recovery journey was the support she had received from her friends and family. Her best friends and neighbors, Deedee, Susan, and Rose have come every day to check in, spend time, and share meals with Mrs. Boucher. Her children, Joyce, Michael, and Joseph, visit quite often to help get her through a difficult time. Edith shares that the team has made her feel welcomed and is very helpful. She shared that Kelly, her dietician, always assisted with reviewing and implementing food preferences and upcoming menus with her. Victoria, her unit manager, and her physical therapists, Tom and Katie, were always great to talk with, no matter the concern or topic at hand.

Mrs. Boucher is looking forward to returning home, readying to discharge the first week of October, and returning to her daily routines. She was even grateful enough to invite some staff over for corned beef and cabbage once she returned home, which she says is her best dish.

The team at The Paramount wishes Edith all the best on her continued healthcare journey.