Concierge: Deaven Golding Patient Name: Ms. Harvey Patient Age: 81 Admission Date: 9/6/2022 Admitted From: Skyline Medical Center Discharge Date: 9/28/2022 Discharge Location: Home Length of stay: 22 days Reason for stay: Generalized weakness and strengthening after a hospital stay. How did this patient hear about Bethany Center for Rehabilitation and Healing? Case manager referral.
Details of Experience: Ms. Harvey thought she was only being admitted to the Hospital for a UTI, but she then was diagnosed with COVID, severe dehydration, and pneumonia. She stated, “I was scared I was never going to recover from this. “She spent six nights at Skyline Medical Center, where they gave her IV fluids and antibiotics. During her stay at the Hospital, they recommended rehabilitation to regain her strength and independence. On the evening of September 6th, Ms. Harvey was admitted to Bethany Center for Rehabilitation and Healing. Upon her arrival, she was greeted by the receptionist, who then passed her along to the Care Transition Coordinator, where helped Ms. Harvey get settled into her room and completed her initial evaluation. The next morning, the Director of Concierge Services met with Ms. Harvey, and she shared, “my goal is to get better so I can go home and enjoy the things I love.” Ms. Harvey lives alone, so she likes to sit on her porch with her neighbor, read books, take walks, and attend activities at her local community center. Then our highly trained therapy team completed their evaluation with Ms. Harvey, and they assessed she would benefit from OT and PT services. They wanted to get her up and move as quickly as possible. On September 7th, she started her therapy journey and participated in therapy six days a week. Over the next 22 days, she worked very hard towards meeting her goals. Ms. Harvey was admitted with a walker but was not feeling very stable on her feet without assistance. Therapy provided her with a wheelchair to use until they got her on her feet and she felt safe. She only utilized the wheelchair for two days, after that, she was able to ambulate with her therapists with mod assistance. The therapists also showed her how to do chair exercises to improve her strength and range of motion. Ms. Harvey said she did those chair exercises three times a day and would continue that even after going home. Before she knew it, she was able to ambulate over 400 ft with minimal assistance from her therapists, complete her personal hygiene activities, and gain almost all of her strength back! Nearing discharge, the Director of Concierge Services met with Ms. Harvey for a final discussion about her stay at Bethany Center. Harvey stated, “I have no complaints about being here, everyone and everything was great. I am so thankful therapy got me on my feet again!” We are wishing Ms. Harvey the best in her return home!