Concierge: Simone Castillo
Patient’s Age: 74
Admission Date: 7/29/22
Admitted From: Hospital
Discharge Date: 9/1/22
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation
How Did the Patient Hear About Glengariff? Referred by the Hospital

Details of Experience:

Margrett was involved in an incident in which she fell and fractured her left hip. Her physician advised rehabilitation, warning that delaying it would severely harm her hip and affect her ability to walk. After surgery, she was left with unsteadiness on her feet. Before this accident, Margrett maintained standing balances without support, but after Margrett’s evaluation, she had poor balance and was unable to weight shift. Making her a high risk for falls and functional mobility for daily activities.

Margrett was welcomed by the nurses and concierge staff when she arrived at Glengariff. At the time of her physical therapy evaluation, she was unsteady on her feet. She needed assistance with hand/foot placement for proper coordination and positioning in order to reduce the risk of falls, enhance her safety and functional mobility, and perform daily living activities. Margrett began with 30 feet at baseline with the risk for falls.

After 25 days of therapy, Margrett can now use a rollator walker to walk 150 feet, and after the full four weeks, Margrett is ready for discharge, reaching her highest practical level of performance. She is now able to reach 200ft supervised. Each day, she gains more strength. Margrett can also perform other important everyday duties, including getting out of bed and taking part in daily activities.

Margrett has completed her rehabilitation here at Glengariff Rehab and worked hard with the physical therapy team to complete her goals. She will be able to return to her home and perform daily tasks independently.

Margrett has made great strides, and we are proud of her and wish her nothing but continued success in the future!