Concierge: Ashley Valentin
Patient’s Age: 65 years old
Admission Date: 7/29/22
Discharge Date: 9/18/22
Discharge to: Home
Length of Stay: 42 days
Reason for Stay: Bilateral Lower Extremities Lymphedema
How did this patient hear about St. James? Previous positive stay.

Details of Experience:

Mr. Miller was admitted to South Side Hospital with lymphedema in both lower extremities and a decline in mobility. After receiving care and treatments from the Hospital, he was recommended to go to a skilled nursing rehab. He told his social worker at the Hospital the only place he would like to go to is St. James Rehab. He was welcomed with open arms and familiar faces.

Within 24 hours, Mr. Miller met with his physical and occupational therapists for an evaluation. He needed 50% assistance with his transfers and was able to walk 10 feet; he was not able to do any steps. To get into his apartment there are ten steps to enter. Mr. Miller had the same therapist he previously worked with during his last stay at our facility. Mr. Miller was eager to work with them again and discuss his treatment goals to get him back on his feet and return to his normal activities of daily living (ADLs).

Mr. Miller told Ashley, Concierge that he would no longer have a car and would need a way to travel. He stated he would prefer some type of bus or car service to take him to appointments. Ashley connected him with the wonderful therapeutic recreation team, and they assisted him with the Suffolk County Accessible Transportation (SCAT) application. SCAT is a bus service in Suffolk County that can provide curb-to-curb service to individuals with disabilities.

Given his significant progress, the team at St. James determined that he would be able to return home safely. He now required only supervision with his transfers and was able to walk over 150 feet, and he was also able to do 15 steps. Mr. Miller made significant improvements and no longer needed 50 percent assistance with his ADLs. He more than doubled the distance when he arrived at St. James.

On September 18th, Mr. Miller happily returned home. The social work department at St. James arranged for Mr. Miller to receive home care and arrange transportation to upcoming doctors’ appointments for his transition back home.

Mr. Miller stated, “I love working with the staff here. They make me feel 100 times better by the time I am ready to return home. I hope if I ever need to come back here that they always have a bed for me.”