Director Concierge: Jordan Sobon
Patient age: 77 years
Admission date: 06/03/2022
Admitted from: NYU Langone- Long Island
Discharge Date: 08/22/2022
Length of stay: 80 days
Reason for stay: Diverticulitis
How did this patient hear about The Grand Pavilion? Hospital Social Worker

Details of Experience:

Ms. Elaine L. is a lively 77-year-old woman who was first admitted to The Grand Pavilion for Rehabilitation and Nursing at the beginning of June from NYU Langone-Long Island Hospital. Ms. Elaine was admitted to the Hospital for diverticulitis and chronic COPD. Upon discharge from the Hospital, Ms. Elaine selected The Grand Pavilion to get her back on her feet.

Immediately after arrival at The Grand Pavilion, Elaine and her son were welcomed by the concierge, Jordan, who was able to answer all of their questions about life at The Grand Pavilion. Within 24 hours of arrival at The Grand Pavilion, Elaine was greeted by staff members from nearly every department, including nursing, physicians, therapists, and dieticians. Her physical therapist, Sofia, and her occupational therapist, Rebecca, worked together to develop a comprehensive therapy plan that would allow her to meet her goals. Elaine started her rehabilitative journey unable to walk or stand on her own, and she also required moderate levels of assistance with several Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

Elaine was surprised and delighted to find that one of her friends from outside the community was also at The Grand Pavilion receiving rehab services, and she was able to spend her free time participating in activities with her. Elaine became an active participant in therapeutic recreation programming and was the winner of the annual Art for Life program.

After several weeks at The Grand Pavilion, Elaine could perform ADLs independently and walk using a rolling walker. During her stay, she also benefitted from the services of The Grand Pavilion’s respiratory therapy team and was able to discontinue her use of continuous oxygen. At the end of August, as a result of her progress, the staff at The Grand Pavilion determined that Elaine would be able to safely return to the community.

The social work department at The Grand Pavilion arranged for Elaine to receive continued care at home from the Royal Home Care Agency. Upon discharge, Elaine stated that while she greatly enjoyed her stay here, she was very excited to be going home and that she hoped the only time she’d be back was to visit. The staff at The Grand Pavilion are thrilled that she made such significant progress during her stay here and will miss the playful attitude she brought to The Grand Pavilion.

A follow-up phone call a month after her discharge revealed that Elaine was thriving at home. We wish her a happy and healthy remainder of 2022!