Concierge Director: Meleah Haley
Patient: Jeffery McLean
Patient’s Age: 46
Date of Admission: 6/15/2022
Admitted From: Summit Medical Center
Length of stay: 100 days
Discharge Date: TBD
Discharge To: Home
Reason for stay: Cerebral infarction, Brain stem stroke syndrome, Generalized muscle weakness.
How did this patient hear about Trevecca? Case manager referral (SMC)

Details of Experience:

Mr. Jeffery McLean arrived at Trevecca Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on June 15th, 2022, from Summit Medical Center in Hermitage, Tennessee. Mr. McLean was admitted to the Hospital after having a stroke caused by a narrow cerebellum. During his hospitalization, Mr. McLean had another stroke that impaired his speech and entire right side for a month. Mr. McLean was treated for hypertension and generalized weakness while he was at SMC.

Upon his arrival to the community, the Rehabilitation team immediately began to work with Mr. McLean. During his first few weeks, he went from being a maximum assistant with feeding himself to becoming a minimal assistant with adaptive equipment during his meals. During his Occupational therapy sessions, Mr. McLean began to only require minimal assistance with hygiene and grooming tasks while sitting in his wheelchair. Each week, Mr. McLean has been making strides to strengthen his right side, and there has been improvement during each therapy session.

Mr. McLean shared with Concierge services that he lived alone and was fully independent before he had his first stroke. He went on to explain how his mental health was impacted during his first month of being hospitalized. The patient stated, “I felt like a prisoner in my own body. I went from doing everything alone to thinking that I may not be able to talk or walk again.”Since then, Mr. McLean is more optimistic due to the speed of his recovery.

Mr. McLean shared that his goals for himself are to walk again, cook, clean, live independently, and use his right hand without any adaptive equipment. During his stay in the community, he has been showered with gifts and packages from his friends and peers from high school, all of which have kept his spirits high during this healing time. The Trevecca team is honored to be on this journey with Mr. McLean and plans on discharging him home once he has restored his strength on his right side.

In conclusion, Mr. Mclean wanted to close by saying, “It is up to you. You have to push yourself every day, and you have to put in the effort.”