Concierge: Myrka Chunchi
Patient Name: Dill Kenneth
Patient age: 66 years old
Admission date: August 4, 2022
Discharge date: Pending
Discharge to: TBD
Length of stay: 5 months as of December 2022
Reason for stay: Rehab Therapy
How did the patient hear about the community: Did online research on our community

Details of experience:

Mr. Dill Kenneth arrived at Emerald Peek from Saint Luke’s Hospital on August 4th, 2022. Before coming into our community, he was in Saint Luke’s Hospital for three weeks. Unfortunately, Mr. Dill had a home accident that caused him serious injuries. He was alone at home, and his legs got stuck in his electric chair for a few hours. His right leg was paralyzed, his left leg partially paralyzed, and he had multiple open wounds. Mr. Dill said to me that he felt it was time for him to come to terms with himself and that he would not come out of this alive. Gladfully and thankfully, the ambulance arrived, and his doctor told him he was lucky that if he had stayed there for 2 more hours, it would not have had the same results.

When Mr. Dill arrived at our community, he really did not know what to expect. The most he knew was that he was in extreme pain and simply just wanted to go home. During the day, he met a few of our aides and nurses. But the one aide he truly remembers on that day was Luz. She showed him respect, and he knew she cared. He had an empty room for a few hours until his roommate arrived. He is still remarkably close to him.

Within the next 48 hours, Mr. Dill did say he was still in pain but managed. Unfortunately, due to Covid, he had to quarantine. Mr. Dill said the quarantine was bad and he could not really do much besides stay in the room, but he had his roommate. They both had each other to speak to and joke around with until quarantine was lifted. He has been receiving therapy and met Patty. He mentioned he would give the aides a challenging time, and it was not until Patty explained to him that Emerald Peek is not a hotel or hospital but a rehab that he would improve that it changed his focus.

You can say he lost hope for a few moments, but it was not until Patty said, “Dill, you will gain your strength and be able to walk again.” That day changed it all. He went from not being able to look Patty in the eye to being remarkably close friends. His main goal was to gain strength in his legs and to be able to walk again and use the restroom. He reached it and is proud of himself but especially thankful for our therapy. One thing he came to remind me of was it did not happen overnight. It took a lot of effort.

Throughout Mr. Dill’s time in our community, he remained in therapy. He is anxious to get stronger and to be able to go home. Mr. Dill views life differently now. He said to me, “life is too short to take for granted.” He is very thankful he has two wonderful boys in his life. Also, he is proud of being able to work for a company for 34 years. He does not know what the future holds but is ready to explore again. We wish Mr. Dill continued good health and the best of luck.