Concierge: Simone Castillo
Patient’s Age: 57
Admission Date: 11/22/22
Admitted From: St. Francis Hospital
Discharge Date: TBD
Discharged to: TBD
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation/Increased functional mobility
How Did the Patient Hear About Glengariff? Referred by the hospital

Details of Experience:

Luis was admitted to St. Francis Hospital with cardiac concerns. This included A-fib and congestive heart failure, which resulted in significant weakness and edema (swelling) in his lower extremities, causing Luis to seek out rehabilitation therapy at Glengariff.

He was admitted to Glengariff Rehab after speaking with the discharge planner at the hospital. Luis and his family chose GlenGariff Rehab due to its proximity to his home and because of our community’s excellent rehab, as the patient’s goals were to improve his mobility.

He was introduced to the nurses and concierge staff when he arrived at Glengariff. At the time of his physical therapy assessment, Luis required skilled PT services for all necessary functional abilities. He needed support with proper coordination, dynamic balance, and an increase in strength in order to minimize falls and to work on discharge planning for Luis to decrease his level of assistance.

Luis began therapy by walking 10 feet at baseline without the mobility to climb stairs and with maximum assistance for transfers. Just after a month, he is now able to use a quad cane to walk 200 feet, is able to walk up and down stairs with contact guarding, and requires minimum assistance for transfers. After just a month of therapy at Glengariff Rehab, Luis is ready for discharge planning to be continued, reaching his highest practical level of performance. Each day, he gains more strength by participating in a variety of exercises, from mat exercises to standing exercises, like step-up squats.

Luis is wrapping up his rehabilitation here with the therapy team and is currently working on discharge planning with our team here at Glengariff Rehab. He has worked so hard in therapy to complete his goals. Luis will be heading home and performing daily tasks with functional mobility. We are so proud of Luis and the achievements that he made here, and we wish him nothing but further success!