Concierge name: Jade Roche
Patients Name: Theodore
Patient’s Age: 87
Admission Date: 11/21/22
Admitted From: GSH
Discharge Date: 01/04/23
Discharged To: Assisted Living Center
Length of Stay: 44 Days
Reason for Stay: He had Covid, resistance to the antiviral drug, and acute bronchiolitis.
How did this patient hear about The Willows at Ramapo: Referred from the hospital

Theodore is an 87-year-old man who came to The Willows with the diagnosis of Covid and bronchiolitis and was resistant to the antiviral medication. He was transported from Good Samaritan Hospital to our facility on November 21, 2022. Theodore came from an assisted living facility and spent a total of 44 days at The Willows.

Upon Theodore’s arrival, he was greeted by the Concierge, Jade. He was greeted by the admissions nurse, along with his aide. Once he settled in, the nurse did an evaluation along with looking over hospital records to get more acquainted with his health priorities. Theodore also met with the physical therapy team. After an evaluation to see where his strength was, they created a plan to get him back on his feet to be independent again. Theodore expressed how hard it was to overcome Covid and the physical toll it had on his body. He found it difficult to get through morning care without shortness of breath.

Although he had Covid, he had to regain his strength in his legs and receive antibiotics. The physical therapy team’s main goal was for him to walk over 15 feet with a rollator and could transfer from chair to bed independently.

Two weeks before his discharge, he could be seen walking throughout the building with a smile on his face, and he could safely do transfers with supervision. Theodore daily walked over 100 feet with a rollator with very minimal shortness of breath, was able to accomplish wheelchair-to-bed transfers, and used the restroom without assistance.

Theodore will be leaving The Willows in January 2023. At his assisted living facility, he will receive physical therapy to continue doing daily living skills. We are very glad to have had him in our community and proud that he met all goals set by the physical therapists. We will miss Theodore and wish him the very best of luck.