Concierge: Diva Ferreira
Patient: Antonio Braxton
Admission Date: November 28, 2022
Admitted From: Kindred Of Palm Beach
Discharge Date: January 10, 2023
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 44 Days
Reason for Stay: Neuropathy and CHF Exacerbation

Details of Experience:

Antonio Braxton arrived at Jupiter Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center on November 28, 2022, from Kinderd of Palm Beach. He came in from the hospital with CHF Exacerbation, among other issues. Before he went to the hospital, he noticed something was wrong with his breathing, once he was diagnosed and treated, he felt much better. The Case Manager at Kinderd of Palm Beach suggested that he come to our community here in Jupiter.

When Mr. Braxton came in, he didn’t know what to expect. He has never been in a rehabilitation center before. He stated that he was very nervous and scared. When he arrived, he met the nursing staff and the Concierge. He stated that seemed to relax him a little.

The next day he met Debbie, the Physical Therapist, and Colleen, the Occupational Therapist. He also met Brooke Jacobs, our Social Worker here in the community. Brooke and I put him at ease, but he said he said he was still nervous and scared. Unfortunately, due to Covid 19 in the community, we had to switch his room. He stated that he felt better once he got settled in his permanent room. He wasn’t nervous or scared at all. As time went on, he felt stronger and more confident. Brooke and I checked on him to see how he was doing. We were here to help him with his confidence. I always brought him his coffee. He said he always looked forward to having his coffee every afternoon. He had a habit of saying, “This is in God’s hands, and he will get me through this.”

When he was discharged, he said that he couldn’t thank us enough for everything. He was beaming with confidence, and he could do anything. He went home on January 10, 2023, with homecare services. We wish him the best and will always be here for our patients.