Patient age: 64
Admitted from: Westchester Medical Center
Discharge Date: 2/1/23
Length of stay: 2 Months (65 Days)
How did they hear about The Paramount? The hospital recommended our facility
Reason for stay: Rehabilitation after amputation

Details of Experience:

In the fall of last year, Mr. Robert Dumas joined our community here at The Paramount following an 18-day stay at the hospital. His first impression when first arrived that Monday was meeting the Concierge, Nathan, and enjoying his new mattress, which he was happy to have after staying in a hospital bed for nearly three weeks. In the spring of 2022, Mr. Dumas was admitted to the hospital with an infection in his left foot, and after attempts to stop the infection throughout the year, the best course of action was to partially amputate his left leg from below the knee.

After such a transformative surgery, Mr. Dumas came to The Paramount. In this process, the first step was to guarantee complete and full healing following the surgery. Our wound care team led this process and was guided by our wound nurse, Kari. At this time, it was as if Mr. Dumas now had to learn how to walk again, a process he had not had to go through in over 60 years. To help guide him through this process again was our therapy team and a little outside help. First off, Bob’s therapists, Pooja and Danielle, worked with him to regain strength and improve balance using a new prosthetic. The workouts included weightlifting, using the stationary bike, cone drills, walking outside on different terrains, and obstacle courses.

Throughout his stay here, Mr. Dumas was visited by Todd Schaffhauser and Dennis Oehler of the CareRite Amputee Rehabilitation Program. Todd and Dennis are both Paralympic Gold Medalists and help mentor new amputees through the transition, both mentally and physically. Though there were a lot of changes occurring, Mr. Dumas kept some things consistent, he kept himself busy and occupied with his work as a writer for the Mahopac Newspaper. Day in and day out, he set some time aside to get some work done on his computer but caught the bar cart’s attention on Tuesdays to get a deserved beer. He would spend other time talking with nursing aides Lynn, Brianna, and Shannon. From rehab to music to TV (specifically the show Supernatural), many friendly faces were around to lend a helping hand and socialize with at times.

By discharge, Mr. Dumas could walk all the way across and up and down the entire building. We wish him luck on his journey of his further rehabilitation. He is also fully back to writing for The Mahopac News. You can find his story of his journey through his rehabilitation and recovery in the February issues of the papers. The Paramount wishes nothing but the best to Mr. Dumas for him and the rest of his voyage of recovery.