Concierge: Janet Cary
Patient’s Age: 70 years old
Admission Date: 3/9/23
Admitted From: Homestead Hospital (Acute Care)
Reason For Stay: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and general weakness with shortness of breath
Discharge Date: 6/7/23
Discharged To: Encompass Health Rehabilitation
Length of Stay: 79 days
How did the patient hear about Coral Reef: Mr. Wedel’s physician recommended our community.

Details of experience:

Mr. Dennis Wedel’s physician recommended that he join the family at Coral Reef for his rehabilitation after he was hospitalized for shortness of breath and had a recent significant difficulty with mobility. The wellness team on his recovery journey consisted of his Nurse Practitioner: Marlon Blanco, Physiatrist: Evan Grant, Podiatrist: Ann Marie Millar, Primary Physician: Orlando Rodriguez, and Rehab Director: Alyssa Castro, alongside her phenomenal rehabilitation team. After the proper evaluations, Mr. Wedel also began wound care for ulcers on his lower extremities, including his feet. Upon admission, Mr. Wedel shared with the concierge that his main goals were to get stronger, for his feet to heal, and for him to be able to go home, but his dreams were to attend at least one activity unassisted and to leave the building walking.

Mr. Wedel’s journey was very hard, as he attended therapy most days of the week, but he was so motivated that even when he was exhausted, he would request more therapy time on certain days. Mr. Wedel arrived at Coral Reef in March of 2023, unable to walk and using a Hoyer lift for transfers. He had great difficulty utilizing his trunk and core strength for even minor tasks. Mr. Wedel’s treatment plan included therapeutic exercises, neuromuscular education, physical therapy, and therapeutic activities six times a week, to which he was always responsive and extremely cooperative.

During Nursing Home Week, Mr. Wedel attended his first activity during Resident Appreciation Day and could stand for a bit and take a few steps in the main dining room to showcase his improvement. As of June 1st, 2023, Mr. Wedel no longer used the Hoyer lift and could transfer himself with moderate assistance and walk 25 feet with assistance. He was also able to go longer without solely depending on oxygen and was no longer as short-winded when exercising.

Mr. Wedel was called for a follow-up/check-in and continues to show great promise for a more independent way of life using the tools he was given for success by way of the Rehabilitation Team and his wellness team. Mr. Wedel celebrates his time at CareRite’s Coral Reef Subacute Care Center and was excited to begin his new path while arranging his stay at his future home in Las Vegas, Nevada, with his cousin. On the day of Mr. Wedel’s discharge, he smiled and told the concierge, “See, I got what I wanted. I went to an activity, and I’m walking out of here.” as he handed her a stack of hand-drawn pictures to distribute to his friends for him.

We wish Mr. Wedel all the best moving forward and will always remember him with warmness in our hearts and fondness in our spirits.

Mr. Wedel said, “I’m going places, but not if I stay still. If I can do this, you can do anything.”