Concierge: Christina Mitchell
Patient: Cory Bumpus
Age: 43 yr/male
Admitted: 4/27/2023
Admitted From: Vanderbilt Stallworth Rehabilitation Hospital
Discharged: 5/31/2023
Length of Stay: 4 weeks
Reason for Stay: To receive Therapy services
How did this patient hear about Gallatin Center? Referred to our community by Hospital Case Manager

Details of Experience:

Mr. Cory Bumpus was admitted to our community on 4/27/2023 from Vanderbilt Stallworth Rehabilitation Hospital with a diagnosis of Infection and Inflammatory reaction to Ventricular Intracranial Shunt, Weakness, Lack of coordination, difficulty ambulating, history of Hydrocephalus, chronic pain, and depression. The infection was noted at his chemo appointment and was taken to surgery immediately. He was referred to us due to the degree of functional deficits and complexity of co-morbid conditions. Mr. Bumpus was greeted by staff in the rehabilitation unit of our community. Welcome gifts and personal care supplies were provided. On day one, Mr. Bumpus was introduced to his personal Concierge, Nursing, and CNA.

Within the first 48 hours of arriving at our community, Mr. Bumpus had been introduced to his remaining care team, including Physician services, Rehab, Dietary, and Unit manager. PT/OT/ST were all evaluated for admission mobility, ADL care, transfers, and ambulation. Mr. Bumpus was weak and required moderate assistance with toileting hygiene, shower/bathing, and upper and lower body dressing. Mr. Bumpus required max assist with footwear donning and doffing. The resident was able to ambulate with moderate assist but only 10 ft. Transfers were not attempted related to safety concerns and medical conditions. Goals were set for Mr. Bumpus for increased independence of mobility and ADLs. Upon admission assessment, Mr. Bumpus said he liked our community and was very pleased that the staff was friendly and welcoming. He also expressed feelings of excitement that he was given a good prognosis of gaining his independence with mobility.

As one week turned into two, Mr. Bumpus worked hard with our Rehab team and was determined to be as independent as possible to return to the group home. His regaining of strength and balance was slowly returning. By week three, Mr. Bumpus was ambulating with very little to no assistance at times. By week four, he was ambulating greater than 150 ft without assistance or using an assistive device, transferring independently, and requiring supervision to set up only with ADLs. Mr. Bumpus continually rated his overall experience and satisfaction with our team as outstanding. He was very pleased to have reached his goals and was returning to his group home.

On May 31st, Mr. Bumpus was discharged from our community and returned to his group home with home health services to maintain his goals and start an at-home exercise regimen to continue his progress.

We at Gallatin Center wish him all the best with his continued journey of independent living.