Concierge Director: Karissa Chiantella
Patient’s Age: 73
Admission Date: 05/09/23
Discharge Date: 06/26/23
Admitted From: Glen Cove Hospital
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation and routine healing due to a fracture to the left femur
How Did the Patient Hear About Glengariff? Return patient from 2021

Details of experience:

Ellen was at home and took a fast turn and fell. She couldn’t get up or move her leg so she went to North Shore Manhasset Hospital. The doctor said her right hip was broken and she headed into surgery the following morning to have a partial hip replacement. After her surgery, the doctor recommended she go to a skilled rehabilitation for therapy. She chose Glengariff, as she had been a previous patient.

Ellen arrived at Glengariff on Tuesday afternoon and was greeted by our team. She presented with decreased strength and an increased need for assistance with reduced ADL participation. As Ellen had been in a serious motor accident 30 years ago where her other leg has rods and weakness, she relied on her right leg, so she was determined to get her strength back.

Upon her evaluation, she was unable to get in and out of bed and could only walk 50 feet with a walker but was experiencing a lot of pain. Ellen was stiff and sore walking at first but day by day she got stronger and pushed herself. She was unable to do car transfers and needed moderate assistance with transfers and ADLs.

After two weeks, Ellen was walking 75 feet with standby assistance and after four weeks of therapy, she is now walking unlimited distances with independence. She has shown improvement in bed mobility and transfers only needing supervision.

Ellen said, “The physical therapy is the very best and that’s why I came back for a second time. Carlos was wonderful. He gave me the opportunity to push myself. If I ever need therapy again, I would choose Glengariff”. As Ellen achieved her therapy goals, she had a discharge meeting with the social work team to ensure the services she needs up as well as ordering any durable Ellen was discharged home Friday right in time for the weekend and we wish her nothing but continued success!