Concierge: Jade Townsend
Patient Name: Little, Joel
Patient Age: 66
Admissions Date: 5/02/2023
Admitted from: Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Discharge Date: TBD
Length of Stay: 60 + days
Reason for Stay: Other Fracture of Upper and Lower End of Right Fibula, Subsequent Encounter for Routine Healing
How did this patient hear about Green Hills Center: Case Worker at Vanderbilt University Medical Center


Details of experience:

Mr. Joel Little (AKA Thumper) was admitted on 05/02/2023 from Vanderbilt University Medical Center after falling out of his wheelchair at a racing event. His admitting diagnosis was an “other fracture of upper and lower end of the right fibula.” This refers to a break in the bone that stabilizes and supports your ankle and lower leg muscle. This resulted in a decrease in strength, functional mobility, balance, and activity tolerance. Joel is an avid NASCAR fan and dedicated musician and is extremely passionate about bringing joy to others while sharing his music. This injury impacted his ability to play music to his previous abilities, which was later incorporated into his rehabilitation and healing journey here at Green Hills.

Upon arrival, Joel was greeted by our interdisciplinary team, which included Concierge, Nursing, Rehabilitation, Social Services, and Recreation. Joel arrived with an incredibly positive attitude. Sharing that his goal was to “just get well enough to get back home to play with my band.” On his second day, he was evaluated by our therapy team, and determined he would benefit from our skilled services to increase functional activities.

During Joel’s initial therapy evaluation, he was determined to be totally dependent and relied on his wheelchair to ambulate. Also sharing that he has been unable to walk since 2021. Now, Mr. Joel Little is walking at 100+ feet and playing his music for other residents and our staff throughout the community, thanks to his determination and Green Hills Center’s expert therapy team!

Joel’s discharge date is early July 2023, as he will return to playing music, attending races, and running his barbecue shop!

All of us at Green Hills have tremendously enjoyed having the opportunity to support him in his recovery journey, and wish him the best!