Concierge: Diva Ferreira
Patient: Arline Flannery
Admission Date: April 29, 2023
Admitted From: The Lux at Jupiter
Discharge Date: May 10, 2023
Length of Stay: 12 Days
Reason for Stay: Wedge Compression Fracture of T-11 to T-12 Vertebra, Subsequent Encounter for Fracture with Routine Healing

Details of Experience:

Ms. Flannery was admitted into our community on April 29, 2023, at 2:30 pm. She was greeted by the Nursing Supervisor, Brenda. Her CNA also greeted her. Ms. Flannery was very impressed with everyone’s greeting. She stated that the staff was very kind and that they made her feel like she was at home. She also noticed how kind all the staff was to all the patients. She stated she was a retired nurse. She came from another community that she did not like at all. So she and her family decided to come to Jupiter Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center to finish her rehabilitation.

The following day (Sunday), she met the Physical Therapist, Daniel. Daniel stated to the patient that he would be doing her evaluation. He would be testing her strength and performing other tests. On Monday morning, she met Colleen, Occupational Therapist. She explained how she would evaluate and how she would proceed. Later that day, Diva, the Director of Concierge Services, entered, introduced herself, and shared her responsibilities and how she could support and assist the patient. Rose, her medication nurse, came in a few minutes later to give her medication. The patient stated that when Rose came in, she explained what she was giving me and what it was for. Mrs. Flannery shared that she was a retired nurse, but it was nice that she explained all my medication to me. Ms. Flannery understands how busy it can sometimes be to support all the patients.

As time passed, the patient felt comfortable and stronger with every step, thanks to the wonderful therapy department and all the support she was receiving. Medications were delivered on time. All the CNAs and Nurses are kind and compassionate. You really saw that they loved what they did for a living. When she was discharged home with home care services, Ms. Flannery stated that she was very happy that she decided to transfer to Jupiter Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center. We wish her the very best. I called her two weeks later to check on her, and she stated she was doing well.