Concierge Director: Trinity Bearden
Patient’s Age: 91
Admission Date: 5/6/2023
Discharge Date: 6/29/2023
Discharge To: Home
Reason For Stay: Functional Decline


Details of experience:

Ms. Edmonia Murray was admitted to Manchester Center for Rehabilitation and Healing after being hospitalized due to a functional decline which resulted in a fall at home.

Upon arrival at Manchester Center, Ms. Murray was met by many of our team members: Rehabilitation Services, Social Services, Concierge, and many more. She was eager to begin her therapy, so she could go home and continue attending church.

When Mrs. Murray was first evaluated, she required maximum assistance with her functional mobility and had very poor balance. She was requiring two people to assist her with self-care tasks also. Now, Mrs. Murray has improved to the point where she is able to walk 200 feet on her own and climb four steps with close supervision. She can also pick things up from the floor while seated. Ms. Murray is now performing her own self-care.

With consistent hard work, Mrs. Murray has greatly improved her overall function and her quality of life.