Concierge: Marialcira Hernandez
Patient’s Age: 83 years old
Admission Date: 04/03/2023
Discharge Date: 06/10/2023
Discharged to: Home
Reason for Stay: Left lower leg fracture

Details of Experience:

Ms. Valle was admitted to Palmetto Subacute Care Center on April 3rd, 2023 after being hospitalized in West Kendall Baptist Hospital for 14 days where she underwent a surgery of her left ankle. Ms. Valle twisted her ankle while she was getting out of her vehicle and went to the hospital the following day. After having tests done and X-rays, the doctor recommended surgery. Prior to this incident, Ms. Valle was able to ambulate and perform her activities of daily living (ADL’s) independently. After the surgery, the doctor recommended skilled nursing to get physical therapy services. Ms. Valle discussed her options with her family and a friend who works in Palmetto recommended us to get her back to her prior level of functioning.

Upon arrival, Ms. Valle was welcomed by our Concierge, Dietitian, Social Worker, Nursing team, and Rehab Team. The team worked together to answer all of her questions and ensure she felt comfortable. A few hours after her admission, Ms. Valle was evaluated by the therapist and established her goals to be able to walk again by herself. She was non weight bearing on her left leg, performed ADL’s with assistance, and she wasn’t able to walk. Ms. Valle began her Physical and Occupational sessions shortly, and she put a lot of effort and hard work into her exercises as she was determined to get stronger.

Ms. Valle spent her days in the community doing her therapy sessions, playing bingo, and listening to romantic music on the radio provided by Recreation Department. Our recreation team provides a therapeutic music program which she really enjoyed.

Ms. Valle made consistent progress and is gaining more strength day by day. At her final evaluation, Ms. Valle improved her abilities to perform all functional transfers with supervision, she was able to ambulate 180 feet using a rollator walker, and she performed the ADLs with supervision.

Ms. Valle was discharged on June 10th, 2023, to her home. We are very proud of her, and we know she will continue to improve following our team’s recommendations with home exercise, home health services, and the use of assistive devices.