Concierge Director: Rosana Figueroa

Patients Name: Joseph Perock

Patient Age: 53

Admission date: 04/17/2023

Admitted from: Vanderbilt Wilson Community Hospital

Discharge Date: Current

Discharged to: Resident will discharge home to his three dogs

Length of Stay:  67 days, but still a resident at this timey

Reason for stay: Fall, which resulted in a right fracture of the fibula and tibia, left quadricep tendon tear.

How did the patient hear about Quality Center? Dr. Jennifer Peppers from Vanderbilt Wilson


Details of experience:

Mr. Joseph Perock arrived at Quality Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on April 17th, 2023. After a previous stay at Vanderbilt Wilson County Medical Center in Lebanon, Tennessee, due to a fall at a family reunion. As a result of the fall, Mr. Perock suffered a left quadricep tear and a right fracture of the fibula and tibia, which they repaired at the hospital. Dr. Jennifer Peppers and two therapists recommended he come to Quality for in patient therapy and skilled care.

Upon Mr. Perock’s arrival, he was greeted by several members of our professional team. Within his first 24 hours, Joseph met with clinicians, therapists, our physician, administrative staff, and other members of our team, who welcomed him and answered any questions he may have had. He was also greeted by the concierge team, who presented him with a CareRite welcome bag. Mr. Perock was visited by our wonderful therapy team, who was very excited to work with him. During his physical evaluation, Mr. Perock could not transfer or walk without total assistance. Also, bed mobility was completed with assistance. Mr. Perock’s Occupational Therapy evaluation showed he was maximum assist with toileting and assistance with bathing and dressing.

Mr. Perock was limited when he started due to his weight-bearing restrictions. Since the restrictions have been lifted, Mr. Perock has made great progress. Per his last progress report, he can now transfer with contact guard assistance. He is able to walk 50 feet requiring only contact guard assistance. He is now able to transfer on his own, requiring contact guard as well. Mr. Perock stated that the whole therapy team has been phenomenal, but in physical therapy has been the one who has pushed his limits, and that’s exactly what he needed. He has nothing but great things to say.

Mr. Perock has made good progress and hopes to be discharged soon. He will be returning home to his three dogs, and as he says, most importantly, his T.V.

Team Quality is excited to see him doing well and can’t wait for him to be able to return home!