Concierge Director: Melissa Peterkin
Patient Age: 35
Admission Date: 03/14/2023
Admitted from: Wyckoff Heights Medical Center
Discharge date: 05/29/2023
Length of stay: 76 Days
How did this patient hear about The Phoenix Rehabilitation and Nursing Center? This patient was previously with us.
Reason for stay: Pain management and ulcer treatment.


Details of experience:

Mr. Edwin was admitted to The Phoenix Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on March 14th, 2023, from Wyckoff Height Medical Center, where he was initially admitted after experiencing sharp pains while ambulating. Mr. Edwin was a previous patient with The Phoenix on 11/06/2021, and after his hospital visit, he decided to return because of the services he previously received.

During his first 24 hrs at The Phoenix, Mr. Serna felt at ease because some of the staff that he was familiar with and made his previous stay comfortable were available. Throughout the first 24 hours, he was greeted by nursing, therapy, recreation, and the concierge department to review necessary details and update any medical concerns.

Mr. Serna was eager to get started with his therapy and be able to see some of his favorite staff. Once he began his therapy journey, he thoroughly enjoyed the sessions as they supported his desire to improve his mobility. Mr. Serna also engaged with our Urban Zen department, as he enjoyed the conversations and the aromatherapy scents that were given to him based on his mood. During his time with us, he met other patients with similar conditions and created a group to engage in their own recreational activities, such as card and board games which our recreation department provided; also, he often attended any in-house entertainment that we offered, which he enjoyed.

His goals were to be able to have pain-free ambulation. Before starting therapy, Mr. Serna was only able to ambulate 40 ft. He was unable to ambulate on stairs; however, during his therapy sessions, with the help of staff and himself, he could ambulate 350 ft with the assistance of a rolling walker and can now ambulate on over 15 steps independently. His therapy goals were to be able to ambulate on leveled surfaces/household distances of 200ft with minimal to no assistance and have pain-free ambulation, and be able to ambulate independently without assistance during his stay of 76 days with us he has successfully surpassed his therapy goals and continues to improve on his own.

During the last week at The Phoenix, Mr. Serna began preparing for discharge, along with therapy, ordering the necessary home equipment that is needed for his care. After discharge, the Concierge Team reached out as well as the Social Work team, and he shared he continues to do well since being discharged home, however he misses the friends he made during his time here but appreciates the whole team for treating him with a caring attitude and sends well wishes to the team.

The Phoenix Rehabilitation team wishes Mr. Serna all the best in his future endeavors!