Concierge: Luis Pontier Jr
Patient’s Age: 59 Years
Admission Date: 06/20/2023
Admitted From: Morristown Memorial Hospital
Discharge Date: None
Length of Stay: 132 days
Reason for Stay: Cervical Disc Disorder
How did this patient hear about Chatham Hills? Social Worker at Morristown Medical Center

Details of Experience:

Christopher Is a youthful 59-year-old man who was first admitted to Morristown Medical Center in June of 2023. He was diagnosed with Cervical Disc Disorder at the C4-C5 Level with Myelopathy. Christopher was at Morristown Medical Center and needed to be sent to a subacute rehab center. From there, our relationship with Christopher began. He was admitted to us on June 20th, 2023.

After his arrival, Christopher was greeted and welcomed by our Director of Concierge Services, Luis. He was met with a welcome gift containing a water bottle, a notebook and pen, a sleep mask, and a word search book. Christopher came here requiring Physical and Occupational therapy to work on his activities of daily living (ADLs), strength training, and endurance training. Upon admission, he was not very mobile.

During his time in therapy, he regained most of his independence; from being nearly bedridden, he now loves walking to our Starbucks coffee machine. Christopher is usually seen in his room watching movies and TV shows. His favorite Recreational Therapy is playing poker.

Christopher has determined to stay with us at Chatham Hills long-term and has been doing a great job after his discharge from therapy. The entire team at Chatham Hills knows Christopher and always enjoys speaking with him. Chatham Hills and everyone’s tireless work has been nothing but a great help to him.

Christopher is a great spirit and an even better friend to everyone at Chatham Hills!