Concierge: Mackenzie Cannon
Patient Name: Bennetta Pankey
Patient Age: 88
Admission Date: August 15th, 2023
Admitted From: Skyline Medical Center
Discharge Date: October 4th, 2023
Discharge Location: Assisted Living Facility
Reason for Stay: The patient fell while getting up at the Assisted Living Facility. She is here to regain her strength and independence so that she can return to living on her own.
How did this patient hear about Creekside? Ms. Pankey has previously been to Creekside and enjoyed her experience.


Details of Experience:

The patient arrived at the Creekside Center on August 15th from Skyline Medical Center. The patient had fallen at her previous assisted living facility and required treatment from the hospital. Upon discharge from the hospital, her physician team determined she would benefit from rehabilitation services to help her regain her strength.

Ms. Pankey chose Creekside Center based on a previous experience and was delighted to return. When Ms. Pankey arrived at Creekside, she was welcomed with a welcome bag on her bed and a folder full of information she would need while in the community. She met with her nursing staff and therapy team, who would be working with her closely on her path back to independence.

The concierge spoke with Ms. Bennetta Pankey and had a wonderful conversation. She came to Creekside because she fell while getting up over a month ago. She had previously been to Creekside and enjoyed it so much that when the time came, she decided to come back again for rehabilitation services. A personal goal of Ms. Pankey is to regain her strength and regain her independence so she can return to her apartment. She is enjoying the rehabilitation exercises and feels that they are helping her get stronger and make lots of progress.

Ms. Pankey expressed that she loved to sing gospel music and used to sing along with her late husband. She also told me she liked to cook and made lots of friends at her previous assisted living facility. She was telling me about her great-grandson, who plays football and loves to bring her flowers. Ms. Pankey also retired from working in the healthcare field and understands the stress and importance that these types of jobs hold. The concierge could tell that she loves to recount memories and talk about her family.

The therapy department had nothing but high hopes from the beginning with Ms. Pankey, especially since her last visit, where she did so well. Physical and Occupational therapist stated that she is doing a great job and has a discharge date set for October 4th! This is nothing but good news because she is so ready to be back on her own. Ms. Pankey was a wonderful partner in her therapy and always wanted to get the activities done because she knew they were helping her get better. Since receiving services, she can get around independently, including walking, going to the restroom, and other basic activities. She has regained her strength and is walking around like a champion!

The Creekside family wishes Ms. Pankey all the best while she continues her journey at her new assisted living facility, and we are so glad she was able to be our guest!