Concierge Director: Karissa Chiantella
Patient’s Age: 68
Admission Date: 7/18/23
Discharge Date: 9/15/23
Admitted From: Mt. Sinai
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 2 months
Reason for Stay: Physical Therapy
How Did the Patient Hear About Glengariff? Friend

Details of experience:

William fell at home after Thanksgiving and has since then been in and out of rehab and the hospital. In February, he had neck surgery and a thoracic/lumbar infusion. He, unfortunately, got an infection in mid-April, which set him back in therapy. In July, he had another fusion for his fracture for his L5-S1. After being in and out of other rehabs, William heard great things from his friend about Glengariff and decided to continue his therapy here.

William arrived at Glengariff and met our team. Before his hospitalization, he was independent, walking unlimited distances. At the time of his evaluation, he presented with decreased strength and decreased range of motion. He had an increased need for assistance from others and reduced participation in ADLs. He needed moderate assistance walking 10 feet and presented with poor standing balance.

He worked with his physical therapist, Charlotte, to increase his strength. He made consistent progress throughout his stay in both physical and occupational therapy. He progressed from a max of 2 for transfers to transfers without physical assistance. Williams’ standing balance has well improved, and is now able to ambulate 175 feet with a rollator walker without assistance. With his improved strength, William could do three sets of 10 squats. He also was able to perform toileting and dressing tasks with minimum assistance, where he needed max assistance at the time of his evaluation.

William gained his independence back and accomplished his therapy goals. He was discharged home. We are so proud of William and wish him nothing but further success!