Concierge: Misty Billingsley
Patient Name: Pearl Holden
Patient Age: 82
Admission Date: August 10, 2023
From: Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital
Discharge Date: August 29, 2023
Discharge Location: Home
Length of Stay: 19 days
Reason for Stay: Weakness due to COPD with acute exacerbation. Bilateral lower extremity edema.

Details of Experience:

Ms. Holden was admitted to Lebanon Center after two recent stays at Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital with the same complaints. Upon arrival at our community, she was met by a member of our Nursing staff who immediately got her settled in her room. Soon after, she met with the Director of Concierge Services, who delivered her Welcome Bag and completed her Admission Evaluation. The Concierge noted Ms. Holden’s cheerful demeanor and lovely English accent.

Ms. Holden began working with Lebanon Center’s Therapy Department the next day. At her initial evaluation, she reported a pain level of 8 out of 10. She was only able to walk 50 feet with a rolling walker and was unable to climb any steps. Through her hard work and with help from our incredible therapy team, by her second week, she was up to 125 feet with minimal assistance with a rolling walker and could climb three steps. She did unfortunately suffer a setback during her second week, as she developed pneumonia around August 16th, but by August 22nd, she was feeling better and ready to get back to therapy.

During her time here, she also enjoyed many of our activities and could be found at Bingo whenever she was feeling well, she also loved manicures and all our celebrations. At her last therapy session, she was able to walk 60 feet with a rolling walker and minimal assist, as well as being able to climb nine stairs. This was an important goal for her as she was concerned about her stairs at home.

Ms. Holden was a joy to work with while in our community, and we are thankful she chose us to be a part of her recovery. Before she left to go back to her own home, she made sure to handwrite a very sweet and thoughtful letter thanking all our staff for all the kindness shown while here.