Concierge Director: Rosana Figueroa

Patient Name: Lottie Hearn

Patient Age: 73 yrs

Admission date: 7/26/2023

Admitted from: The Parthenon at Centennial Medical Center

Discharge Date: Current

Discharged to: Resident plans to stay long-term

Length of Stay: 65 days and still a resident

Reason for stay: 24/7 skilled nursing care, physical, speech, and occupational therapy

How did the patient hear about the Quality Center? The resident was referred here from Centennial Medical Center by Dr. Clifford Roberson

Details of experience:

Mrs. Lottie Hearn entered the Quality Center following an acute stay at the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee. She admitted to decreased strength, endurance, and balance due to a recent fall.

Upon Mrs. Hearn’s arrival, she was greeted by several members of our professional team. Within her first 24 hours, Lottie met with clinicians, therapists, our physician, administrative staff, and other members of our team, who welcomed her and answered any questions she may have had. Mrs. Hearn was also greeted by the concierge team, who presented her with a CareRite welcome bag.

Mrs. Hearn was visited by our fantastic therapy team, who was very excited to work with her to get her strength and balance back. During her physical evaluation, Mrs. Hearn could complete transfers with contact guard assist. She was also able to walk 50 feet with contact guard assist at well. On her occupational evaluation, Mrs. Hearn was able to perform lower body dressing and bathing with minimal assistance. Toileting was also performed with minimal assistance.

Mrs. Hearn has worked very hard with therapy throughout her stay. Currently, she can walk 225 feet with standby assistance. She also transfers with standby assistance now. Her balance has improved and allowed her to be able to dress and bathe with only standby assistance.

Mrs. Lottie Hearn will be discharged from therapy in a week due to her diligence and desire to improve. Quality Center is so proud of Mrs. Hearn and the stride she has made to where she is now. We hope she continues to be a shining light in our community.