Concierge Name: Daniel Wolf
Patient Name: Luis Lugo
Patient Age: 64
Admission Date: 09/05/23
Admitted From: New York Presbyterian
Discharge Date: TBD
Discharge To: Home
Length Of Stay: TBD
Reason For Stay: Right Below-knee amputation
How Did This Patient Hear About Sans Souci: Daughter spoke to our amazing marketer

Details of Experience:

Mr. Luis Lugo arrived at Sans Souci Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on a surprisingly sunny day in September. He arrived from New York Presbyterian Hospital on September 5th, ready to face his upcoming journey. The hospital helped Mr. Lugo immensely with preparing himself mentally for the ups and downs he was about to face. He spent three weeks in the hospital and has nothing but nice things to say about the staff. “There was an ambulette driver that I was very close to, and the staff there treated you so well that you would never want to leave,” Mr. Lugo shared. Mr. Lugo arrived with a right below-knee amputation, motivated to put himself first for once. Little did anyone know that his situation would get worse before it got better.

Within his first few days at Sans Souci, Mr. Lugo lost his brother, and his motivation quickly dissipated. He couldn’t focus on his journey ahead while trying to process this huge loss. This all changed when Luis met his roommate, who, surprisingly enough, had the same name as his brother. “After I heard one of the therapists say my roommate’s name, it’s like a switch flipped inside me. I became very protective over him, and I could finally focus on myself again,” Mr. Lugo said with a smile. This renewed Mr. Lugo’s motivation to progress and focus on himself. Luis met with the therapy team, and together, they identified some goals he could achieve quickly. This included improving strength in both his legs individually and transferring himself with little supervision. With his new goals in mind, Luis was ready to do anything necessary to return home.

After only three short weeks at Sans Souci, Luis had crushed his goals and already set new ones with the therapists. He improved the strength in both legs from a 2/5 to a 4/5 to prepare himself for working with a prosthetic. He also improved his transferring abilities to the point where he is completely independent. When speaking about his progress, Mr. Lugo can’t help but mention his therapists, Eric Moore and Christine Divinagracia. “These therapists really keep you on track and moving. They push you to do anything you can, and they’re amazing at keeping your spirits up,” Mr. Lugo shared.

When Luis first arrived, he didn’t have a great mindset. The difference between his mindset then and now is like night and day. Therapy quickly became Mr. Lugo’s favorite part of the day, and he became solely focused on getting strong enough to go home. Luis Lugo will be returning home one day within the next few weeks as he continues to take strides every day in therapy. He won’t require any services at home, and he is ecstatic to get back to his wife and two kids. Luis may have experienced some dark times at Sans Souci, but it will always hold a special place in his heart. “Sans Souci has been really great. There are so many staff members who love to be happy, and they encourage the residents to be happy as well. All the staff work together to keep the residents okay and in good spirits. The conversations and interactions between the staff can often be better than what’s on TV,” Mr. Lugo shared, smiling. Luis has always been a very well-thought-out individual and someone who always did things for himself. The staff at Sans Souci have absolutely no doubt that Mr. Lugo will take everything he learned here and continue to improve his mind and body like he always has.

We wish him nothing but the best and await the positive updates that will inevitably come from him.