Concierge Name: Manny Linares
Patient Name: Irene Orlowski
Patient Age: 80 years
Admission Date: 7/27/2023
Admitted From: New York Presbyterian
Discharge Date: 9/27/2023
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 60 Days
How did this patient hear about The Grand Pavilion? Ms. Orlowski’s sister toured several facilities and chose The Grand Pavilion

Details of Experience:

Ms. Orlowski is a sunny 80-year-old woman whose disposition is far younger than the birth year on her chart. She was initially involved in a traumatic accident that led to a surgery and rehab stay. On July 24th, Irene was crossing the intersection of Madison Avenue and 46th Street, heading to pay her storage locker fee, when she tripped over a metal construction plate on the street. Unfortunately, the van turning the corner did not see Irene on the ground and ran over her left foot. Her foot was broken; several toes were crushed, one of the metal spikes that secure the construction plates pierced her ankle, causing a deep laceration, and much of her skin was pulled from her foot in what is described as a degloving.

Irene was taken to New York Presbyterian – Weill Cornell in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where Podiatrist Dr. Elvis Danne Jr treated her. Dr. Danne realigned her crushed toes, closed the gash left by the metal spike, stitched it up, and secured the skin that was degloved, along with grafting synthetic skin to the top of her foot that was severely damaged. It was then wrapped and splinted. “Dr. Danne saved my foot,” she exclaimed.

On July 27th of 2023, Irene came to The Grand Pavilion, was greeted by Assistant Administrator Manny Linares, and was introduced to the myriad services provided. She was also met by Concierge Khadijah Bacchus, who, along with Manny, liaised Irene’s needs with the interdisciplinary team. She spent several weeks with our phenomenal rehab team, particularly Emily and Farrah, and the nursing staff to be able to walk again. Dr. Danne was involved in monitoring her healing journey and stated that she had progressed far quicker than anything he could have ever imagined. Irene was ready to go home in just 60 days. Her speedy progress could also be attributed to the frequent visits of her lovely sister, who was involved with her care from the beginning, including securing a bed for Irene at the facility.

Our Social Services team was able to coordinate a successful discharge and arrange for resources to be sent home. Irene is most excited to get home in the Lower East Side, order some food, and spend time with her lovely red long-haired cat, Brooklyn, who is desperate for her return. We are truly blessed to have been a part of Irene’s recovery and wish her the best in the next portion of her journey!