Concierge Director: Mayya Burlakova
Patient Name: Markoff Dorothy
Admission Date: 07/11/2023
Admitted From: Delray Medical Center
Discharge Date: 08/10/2023
Discharge To: Home
Length of Stay: 4 weeks (30 days)
Reason for Stay: Displaced intertrochanteric fracture of right femur, subsequent encounter for closed fracture with routine healing, injuries to the head, muscle weakness
How did this patient hear about The Legacy: The family toured and researched before admission

Details of experience:

Dorothy is an 80-year-old woman who came to the Legacy from Delray Medical Center on July 11th, 2023, for rehabilitation. Her doctor at Delray Medical Center was Doctor Wise. She has warm memories of him. From the family’s visit to our community and their research, they liked that the community is located at the heart of Boca Raton. The family found our community clean and well-maintained. They heard that The Legacy has a great reputation and outstanding physical therapy with a dedicated, caring nursing staff. Concierge services are a great addition to the community. Residents enjoy snacks between meals, live music three times a week, birthday parties, bingo, and various classes.

Upon her arrival, our staff welcomed Dorothy to the community. She felt like she was greeting old friends. When she opened her eyes in the morning on the day after admission, she fell in love with the view from the window. She was very concerned about her personal laundry, but she was pleasantly surprised and relieved when our staff came her down and offered services on the house. From the beginning, Dorothy was determined to regain her independence. She has an extraordinarily strong spirit. First, she was evaluated by a nurse, then physical and occupational therapists.

Our staff develop an individual plan of recovery and renewal. All the goals were in place so Dorothy could safely return to her home. Her functional assessment was: Physical therapy: Bed mobility = total dependence with attempts to initiate, transfers = total dependence with attempts to initiate. Occupational Therapy: Self-feeding = Set-up assistance, Hygiene/Grooming =Set-up assistance, Bathing =Max assistance, Toileting = Max assistance, Upper body dressing – Min assistance, Low body dressing Max assistance. Frequency of therapy 6 times a week.

During recovery, the patient demonstrated good rehab potential, as evidenced by cognitive functioning, supportive caregivers, and motivation to participate. Intervention Provided: Progressive resistance exercises. Therapeutic Activities: gross motor coordination, fine motor coordination training, crossing midline to facilitate independence in functional skill performance, bilateral integration, bilateral manipulation, weight shifting to improve safety with unsupported sit/stand, static balance activities during sitting, dynamic balance activities during sitting, dynamic balance activities while standing, transfer training to increase functional task performance, bending to increase dynamic balance skills, throwing/catching activities to facilitate strength, coordination, balance and placement of objects out of reach to increase dynamic skill performance. Self-Care Management: bathing techniques, toileting techniques, and dressing techniques. The Patient demonstrated little to no physical impairments due to skilled rehab. Dorothy’s discharge status was the following: Physical Therapy: Bed Mobility = modified independent, Level Surface= Modified Independent, Stairs =Contact guard Assistance Number of Stairs=1, Occupational Therapy: Self-Feeding = independent, Bathing =Supervised Assistance, Hygiene/Grooming = Independent, Toileting = Supervised Assistance, Upper Body Dressing = Independent, Low Body dressing =Contact Guard Assistance, Community Active Daily living = Supervised Assistance. During recovery, Dorothy liked watching TV. She enjoyed snacking during the day. She made good friends with her roommate. Her prognosis is excellent, with strong family support.

By discharge to home, we recommended Home Health Services to aid the patient in safely transitioning into the home, a home exercise program, Meals on Wheels, Assistive devices for safe, functional mobility, Elevated toilet seat/3 in 1 commode. Shower chair with back, grab bars, long-handled shower head, Walker basket/tray/bag. Dorothy not only physically regained her independence, but she was more positive and upbeat. He was incredibly pleased and thanked everyone for the best of care. She looks forward to joining her friends and will enjoy good movies at the movie theater. Before she left, she shared that her social worker was amazing. She could not ask for better communication and will miss our smiles. Physical and occupational therapy was the best she ever had. The concierge helped to make her day. The surroundings are beautiful. Sitting outside (even in the heat) is delightful. She thanked our team.

We wish her a happy and healthy rest in 2023! We wish Dorothy the best recovery possible as she rejoins her loving family.