Concierge Director: Melissa Peterkin
Patient Age: 45
Admission Date: 02/27/2023
Admitted from: SUNY Downstate
Discharge date: 09/03/2023
Length of stay: 188 Days
How did this patient hear about The Phoenix Rehabilitation and Nursing Center? The doctors referred her during her hospital stay.
Reason for stay: Pain management and stroke recovery.


Details of experience:

Ms. Holliman was admitted to The Phoenix Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on February 27th, 2023, from SUNY Downstate Medical Center, where she was initially admitted after having a stroke and loss of mobility functions.

During her first 24 hours at The Phoenix, Ms. Holliman was nervous, as it was a different setting, and she was worried about her completion of a successful rehab journey. However, with the help of our amazing multidisciplinary team, she became more at ease and reassured that she was in good care.

During the first week at The Phoenix, Ms. Holliman became very open to working with the therapy team. Once she started her therapy journey, she built great relationships with the therapists. The therapy team evaluated her upon admission to see where she stood and what she could manage. They slowly started her off with small exercises to help with her strength and gradually escorted her to the gym to be able to have access to the equipment that would work on helping her improve her mobility.

During Ms. Holliman’s stay, she shared with our concierge team that she was feeling down due to her current condition despite the relationships she built with our nursing staff and therapy team. Our concierge team recommended the Urban Zen program, which provided 1:1 sessions of beautiful aromatherapy, which she enjoyed and looked forward to. Aside from that, Ms. Holliman was able to meet and connect with others with similar conditions. They had a group session every day of card playing or movie nights with the help of our amazing recreation team.

Her goal was to be able to have pain-free ambulation. Before starting therapy, Ms. Holliman was only able to ambulate five feet and needed maximum assistance with an unstable balance and a risk of falling. However, during the course of her daily therapy sessions and with the help of staff, she is now able to ambulate 250ft with the assistance of a rolling walker. She is now able to ambulate over 10 steps with minimal assistance. Her therapy goals were to ambulate on leveled surfaces/household distances of 200 feet with minimal to no assistance, have pain-free ambulation, and be able to ambulate independently with minimal assistance. During her stay of 188 days, she successfully met therapy goals and continues to improve on her own.

During the last week at The Phoenix, Ms. Holliman began preparing for discharge, along with therapy, ordering the necessary home equipment that is needed for her care and great family support. The duration of her stay has caused her to not only improve in her ADL functions and mobility improvement, but she has also left with lifelong friends she made at The Phoenix from other patients with a similar condition and staff that adored her and helped her get through her therapy journey. After discharge, the Concierge Team and the Social Work team reached out to our former patient, and she shared she continues to do well since being discharged home and is very grateful to have a strong and supportive family by her side.

The Phoenix Rehabilitation team wishes Ms. Holliman all the best in her future endeavors!