Director Of Concierge: Alexander Jones
Patient Name: Mr. John Cheairs
Admission Date: August 15, 2023
Admitted from: Summit Medical Center
Discharge Date: September 16, 2023
Length of stay: 1 month, one day

Details of experience:

by the name of John Cheairs. Once we got acquainted, we began to talk more about his reason for being with us at Trevecca.

Mr. Cheairs suffered a fall at home, which triggered a mild stroke. Unable to get up or have any contact aids at his reach, Mr. Cheairs was forced to lie there for 3 days until his sister contacted the building manager to check on his status. The building manager opened his unit and found Mr. Cheairs responsive and disoriented, unsure of what had happened. The property manager let him know that he had suffered a fall, but later, at the hospital, it was revealed that he had suffered a mild stroke. Although he had no history of stroke, doctors began closely monitoring his status.

Days later, his tests came back with positive results showing no harm to the brain and bodily, so the next step was to get Mr. Cheairs back functioning the way he was before the accident, which led him to the Trevecca Center. He was met by our Admissions Nurse Tanya, Front Desk Clerk Ms. Tyra, and CNA Shydrika, 15 hours later, I introduced myself as his Concierge, and the interdisciplinary team followed shortly thereafter.
Mr. Chearis’s path back home was a short one, his turnaround time was one month, one week, and two days. He came in fairly weak in his upper extremities; swallowing regular foods was a problem as well due to him being on a restricted diet out of the hospital. Speech, Physical, and occupational therapies were needed in his matriculation back home. Major strides were met within his first week, from transfers from bed to chair to toileting using aids. Week third, his granddaughter could even see the progress when she visited and witnessed him ambulating to cook for himself and his ability to transfer in and out with minimal assistance. Mr. Chearis was discharged on September 16, 2023, to his family with the plans of returning to his retirement home and long-time friends he made there.

Throughout his process, he wrote many ray of sunshine cards about our great therapy team and CNAs who helped him along his journey.